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What you can expect during your first consultation at Janai - Engagement Rings Melbourne

What you can expect during your first consultation at Janai - Engagement Rings Melbourne

The most integral aspect of the Custom Engagement Ring experience is the consultation process. It is the beginning of discovering diamonds, forming your concept and determining the creative aspects of your ring. At Janai we are delighted to invite our clients to our showroom, during which you will receive personalised attention and guidance to collaborate and begin the process of bringing your exceptional ring to life.   

We explain here what you can expect during your first consultation and delve into the unique experience and down-to-earth approach that sets Janai apart from the rest.

It all begins with booking your preferred consultation date/time on our website. Our team shortly after will be in contact to schedule your appointment when it's most convenient for you. To capture the essence of your creation you will be asked about your favoured diamond cut/shape, preferred diamond size, ring style, desired budget and proposal/wedding date. You will be matched with the most qualified consultant for your request, and receive a text message confirmation for your appointment. 

On the day of your appointment, allow 90 minutes for ample time to be guided through the comprehensive design process. Bring along with you any images or inspiration that will assist in detailing your vision, accompanied with any requirements you have regarding your centre diamond. With reference to any finer points surrounding your vision - this is the best opportunity to get clear about what you want. Identify your most-loved Diamond shape and your desired spend - the basis of crafting your bespoke Engagement Ring. If you are coming alone we will request you discreetly discover your partner's ring size.

Upon your arrival, the first encounter will be a welcome greeting from our friendly team. They will confirm your appointment and guide you to our Custom Design Showroom. Our downstairs showroom gives customers the opportunity to explore extensive diamond possibilities and offers the true bespoke experience.

This is where you will be introduced to your Personal Diamond Specialist who will get to know you/and your partner. Here is where a conversation will take place to discuss your thoughts and sources of inspiration surrounding your Engagement Ring. Our consultants are trained to listen attentively, understand your preferences, budget considerations and cater to your unique requirements. The creation of a bespoke engagement ring is a collaborative experience in which Janai are committed to bringing your visions into reality.

It is essential during this discussion to establish the desired shape of your diamond and confirm a price range for your centre stone. The initial consultation is primarily focused around selecting your main diamond. Undoubtedly this is the most valuable part of your ring and will be the foundation for the entire design. After reviewing your criteria, your Diamond Specialist will provide you with an array of loose diamond options aligned with your vision and budget requirements.  

You will be guided through the prospective diamonds and educated around their individual qualities and characteristics. Our team is well-versed and will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the Diamonds 4C’s, light performance, lab certification, origins and much more.
Every diamond has a story and individual attributes that makes each one particularly special. You will discuss the unique journey of your stone and the factors that contribute to the diamond’s value. The conversation may include the birthplace of a natural diamond or the creation of a lab-grown diamond, the cut and facets of the diamond, the purity of the diamond, the colour grading and most importantly how the diamond interacts with light. During this time we encourage you to see exactly how light moves over the diamond and the distinctive proportions of the stone.

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At Janai we source the finest diamonds and have an extensive selection of loose stones. If your coveted diamond isn’t within our showroom, during your consultation we will source it for you. Your consultant will take your budget into consideration and assist in discovering a cherished diamond aligning with your vision. Once establishing the foundations and reviewing the precious diamond, an initial deposit will be required to secure the stone ready to be transformed into your Engagement Ring. 

After the main Diamond is committed, the conversation developing the details of your setting may begin. Connecting your adored ring style/inspiration to frame your centre stone. Based on your loose diamond, there will be a conversation around which setting will highlight the inherent beauty of your Diamond. Decisions will then be made surrounding the type of gold (18ct white, yellow, rose gold or platinum) and setting style, alongside the overall look and feel of the ring. 

This is the moment you reshare your inspiration images and videos to explain to us your vision for the Engagement Ring design and the style such as a solitaire, halo, diamond band, three stone or vintage design ring.   

Finer aspects are determined once you have developed the overall setting and structure of the ring. This is part of the experience where your imagination is ignited and personal details can be incorporated into the design to create something truly remarkable. Allowing for complete customisation, modifications and additions can be made to complement your ring and enhance your overall vision. Diamond or gold accents and other detailing can be incorporated, evolving from your vision to fully customise your ring. Based on these reference images and videos this may be hidden halo, choosing the number of claws and their shape, dainty or wider bands, diamond or plain bands and high profile/low profile settings. 

There is a high level of trust and understanding required in the ring-making process. Your skilled consultant will translate your vision and idea into a brief for our artists who will produce a hand sketch of your custom design for approval.
Adapting slight details can flatter and enhance the exceptional qualities of your centre stone. Your chosen Diamond will ultimately decide the appropriate proportions of the ring to achieve balance and harmony where the setting fits and contours beautifully around your stone. As the design evolves, your consultant will blend your vision and tailor your Engagement ring to ensure its beauty and integrity.  

As the consult comes to an end, you will have an idea around your final concept and your consultant will explain the process behind crafting the ring, allowing you to appreciate the artistry and quality behind each design. They will outline the custom design process and any other final thoughts and considerations you may have. Following the appointment there will be communications to confirm the design concept with sketches for your approval, assuring your vision is accurately reflected in the design. 

With all future communications you can expect a high level of confidentiality, we respect the importance of discretion during the engagement process to ensure your surprise proposal.

Your first consultation is the beginning of your journey into a world of diamonds, craftsmanship and customisation. Unlike conventional fine jewellers, our consultations are designed to be inviting with our consultants being approachable and friendly with a more down-to-earth approach. You can anticipate receiving undivided attention from our knowledgeable professionals who possess extensive knowledge around diamonds. During your appointment you will discover the rarest loose diamonds or exceptional gemstones and be guided through the features of your ring. We offer exceptional service that sets us apart within an intimate and personalised setting. 

Janai is the ultimate destination for Engagement Rings in Melbourne. Embrace the experience and become a part of the process of crafting your Engagement Ring.  

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