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Ethically Mined Diamonds

Janai was established in 1981 and has since been the jewellery industry’s leading custom house in Melbourne, Australia. We specialise in custom design to allow each client the opportunity to create their dream engagement and wedding rings while being actively involved in this intricate process. Through this we create intimate and lifelong relationships with each of our clients and we are extremely grateful to the several third-generation clients who continue to support us to this day.

Custom designing your engagement ring increases the romantic and sentimental value – it is truly seen as a grand gesture! We take pride in the exclusive and educational experiences we provide while practicing high quality craftsmanship and strong ethical practices.

At Janai, we offer exceptional aftercare services. We vow to take care of you as well as your precious jewellery pieces for life. When you walk into our store, we invite you into our home and welcome you as our guest. Amazing customer service is what we strive for!


Diamonds Do Good (DDG) is a global non-profit organisation with a mission to provide support programs that develop and empower individuals in natural diamond communities. They seek to share stories of hope and inspire a positive impact on the natural diamond industry. At Janai we support this and deal only with companies that adhere to the DDG protocol – these companies are Sightholders, such as ALROSA, Rio Tinto, etc. Have a read below for some stories of DDG across the world.


ALROSA is a diamond industry leader dedicated to empowering communities and has superseded the status quo by creating athletic opportunities for hundreds of children through building the ALROSA culture and sports complex in Mirny. Seven-year-old Masha Morozova has been attending gymnastics classes for three years and hopes to compete in the Olympic Games someday.

Ethically Mined Diamond


The Dominion Diamond Corporation (TDDC) works together with Aboriginal communities and Rio Tinto in the Diavik Diamond mine to design and implement the award-winning Grizzly DNA monitoring program in the Ekati Diamond mine - which is located just 200 km south of the Arctic Circle. Other than conserving the sub-arctic flora and fauna, TDDC provides the Ekati youth with new skills and entrepreneurship opportunities whilst ensuring their cultural roots remain intact. The inclusion of Aboriginal elders in decision-making that leverages their Traditional Knowledge balanced with wellness programs and creation of job opportunities makes Ekati a story of triumph.

Ethically Mined Diamond


The Okavango Diamond Company (TODC) has been actively invested in the cause of creating job opportunities by improving skill bases and disseminating essential knowledge of the diamond value chain. Right from the sourcing, manufacturing to the basics of dealerships, the company endeavours to spark the desire and spirit of entrepreneurship, while spreading hope among diamond-producing communities. Here are two stories of women who made the best of wellness programs to make their own mark.

Ethically Mined Diamond


For 24-year-old Tsimakoko, a management trainee at the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA), growing up next to the Jwaneng Diamond Mine in Botswana, Africa, has been the game-changer of his life. Tsimakoko, like many others, has been the direct beneficiaries of the Debswana Jwaneng Diamond Mine, which provides for the schooling of the employees’ children, among a plethora of other opportunities that have played a transformative role in their lives. On its 50th anniversary, Botswana and the Debswana Jwaneng Diamond Mine can proudly look back on half a decade of not only accounting for 30% of the country’s GDP but also empowering the youth and paving their way to success.

Ethically Mined Diamond


Leo Schachter’s Botswana manufacturing plant is a godsend for the Batswana in more ways than one. The diamond giant has always followed a strict policy of giving back to the country that today is the largest diamond producer in the world. The young and enterprising, like Chris Mamalelala, have made full use of Schachter’s empowerment programmes to advance their ways in the world in terms of education, exposure and gathering on-field experience in the diamond industry.

Today, he is actively involved as a Schachter representative overseeing issues such as inclusive staffing to eradicate job-related migration and empowering women through training and employment in decisive positions. He is also involved in Schachter’s drive towards controlling the HIV epidemic and proper rehabilitation, transport, and nourishment of orphans, among others.


Eighteen-year-old Tiroyaone has come far; from being a neglected child of an abusive mother to a bright teenager with a promising future, thanks to the SOS Children’s Village Tlokweng, a small settlement on the outskirts of Gaborone. Majorly sponsored by Dalumi Group , the SOS village is a haven for children who are unable to live with biological parents and is replete with facilities where they can thrive in all aspects of life.

It provides the best educational opportunities, proper counselling for vocational courses, requisite care in the tender and initial stages of childhood to the small choice of play and laughter – the SOS village is Dalumi’s greatest gift for ensuring healthy childhood and act as the launch-pad for a country of bright entrepreneurs prepared to optimally harness Botswana’s exhaustive diamond resources and create sustainable lifestyles.


Laljibhai Patel, chairman of Dharmanandan Diamonds did not give up when faced with the abysmal water situation across Gujarat, the Indian state where the city of Surat is the world’s largest diamond manufacturing hub. A true champion to the cause of rainwater conservation and harvesting, he set upon the herculean task of creating three of the largest artificial ponds in Gujarat, having a capacity to hold nearly 25 million litres of fresh water. When the originally selected river Sonal was found insufficient for the cause, a mammoth three-foot RCC pipeline was built to successfully divert river Keri’s water to the Sonal river, thus filling the three massive ponds to supply water to village Ugamedi and those surrounding it.

After a year of tirelessly working and deepening ponds and linking rivers, they now have the capacity to recharge the water table by four times its total storage capacity, this assuring continuous water supply to 40,000 other people from 20 different villages other than Ugamedi. The river-linking project that raised the water table by 40 feet, allowed 10,000 trees to be planted and brought about Gujarat’s green revolution became the first-ever National Model of Inspiration in the field of rainwater harvesting – diamonds indeed do good!


In March 2017, Boitshoko Kebakile was ready to take the world in her stride and launch her brand of custom-made fine jewellery – ‘House of Divinity’. Boitshoko graduated from the Okavango Diamond Company Youth Entrepreneurship Program, a seven-month, part-time program in partnership with academia and the Botswana authorities. The program was designed for the Botswana youth (18-35 years) to delve into the diamond value chain and provide them with formal training to explore and develop their entrepreneurial aspirations

Boitshoko values the program as they provided her the prized opportunity to interact with local artisans and perfect practical and industry skills – all of which brought her hopes to reality. Now the successful owner of a line of vibrant, ethically owned custom jewellery, Boistoko hopes to continue the good work of employing the youth of Botswana and influence holistic prosperity of her homeland.


As a young girl, Tito enjoyed all the benefits that diamond-rich Botswana provided. Among these was free education which was the most important thing to her. After practising physiotherapy professionally in Botswana for a period of time, Tito decided to explore her curiosity regarding diamond production by enrolling in the Okavango Diamond Company Youth Entrepreneurship Program in 2017. During this tenure, she gained valuable insights into the diamond industry from attending experts, learning about leadership principles and business management tips that are essential for a start-up.

With this wealth of knowledge, Tito today runs an integrated physiotherapy and wellness facility focussed on improving the health and wellbeing of the diamond manufacturing community of Gaborone workers who are predisposed to repetitive strain and overuse injuries due to the precise and technical nature of their work. She looks forward to expanding her services of providing customized, curative treatments to diversified industry verticals as well.


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