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Janai Quality


With well over 40 years of industry experience, Janai Jewellery specialises in engagement rings & unique custom design jewellery made to the highest of standards in Melbourne.

Janai Jewellery offers true craftsmanship at its finest.

We combine quality craftsmanship, expertise and skill to create the perfect piece of jewellery done to meet your specifications. We are dedicated to delivering a service that guarantees your full satisfaction and works to go above and beyond your expectations. At Janai Jewellery we can handcraft any design you have in mind and make it a reality you never thought could be. From strikingly elegant engagement rings, stunning wedding bands, to memorable gift pieces such as intricate gemstone earrings or pendants. We can do it all.

Our services include restoring, remodelling and resizing your precious pieces as well as re-using your stones in a new piece at your request. We only have the most experienced and extensively trained designers, sketch artists, jewellers and diamond setters involved in the craftsmanship process. Our team have a thorough understanding of the process of making jewellery and can provide a sketch that is not only detailed and precise but also structurally sound.

Janai has earned its name and loyal customer base by practising strict quality control, customer-centrism at all touchpoints and encouraging superior craftsmanship without compromises.

By continuously investing in human capital, we at Janai have ensured skill and expertise in every new project, thereby delivering the perfect piece of designer jewellery, done to specifications, every single time.

However, excellence in product design and manufacture is but one of the many concerns that define us. We recognize our larger responsibility of contributing, participating and aiding in the growth and prosperity of diamond mining and ancillary communities across the world. By way of spreading awareness on ethical trading, creating new entrepreneurship opportunities and strengthening knowledge bases in remote areas, Janai expressed solidarity with the global diamond-producing companies working towards holistic progress and transparency in the diamond value chain.

In recent years, the diamond industry has gone and continues to go through a series of paradigm shifts that have the promise to radically transform it for the better.


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* Custom Engagement Ring pricing starting from AU$3,500