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Hearts & Arrows Diamonds

hearts and arrows diamond

What are Hearts & Arrows Diamonds? And Should you buy one for your Engagement Ring ? 

On our recent Instagram posts we have showcased the various shapes of our Hearts & Arrows collection available for your made-to-order Engagement Rings. At Janai we offer Round, Radiant, Cushion and Oval in the hearts and arrows cut. We are the only retailer in Melbourne with these diamond shapes available in both lab-created and natural varieties. These beautiful stones are defined by their ultimate cutting precision and distinct contrast patterning. This cut makes up less than 1% of all the world’s diamond supply and can take 3-4 longer to produce than your typical brilliant cut.

But what exactly defines a Hearts and Arrows diamond? And should you be buying one for your Engagement Ring? 

When you begin familiarising yourself with diamonds you will undoubtedly come across both Brilliant Cuts or Step cuts and learn about either their angular or linear faceting patterns. Diamonds are usually identified under these two categories and are then able to be purchased in a variety of different shapes within these faceting patterns.

Hearts and arrows diamonds fall under the brilliant cut classification. They were born as a consequence of some very minor changes to the proportions of a brilliant cut stone. The exacting hearts and arrows cutting technique produces slightly wider facets and marginal adjustments in the angles of the faceting. These nuances deliver a kaleidescopic pattern of 8 arrows when viewed from above and 8 hearts when viewed from below.

hearts and arrows

Japanese jewellers were the first to discover the brilliant hearts and arrows diamond patterning in the 1980s. This cutting technique was protected and hidden for many years. It is only recently as the patent expired, that diamond cutters have been able to utilise this method and unleash the hearts and arrows magnificent beauty to the jewellery world.

This cut is responsible for reflecting all of the light from the lower pavilions of the diamond to brightly sparkling from its crown. The facets behave like 8 mirrors bouncing the light up and out of the diamond through the top of the stone.  This breakthrough cutting technique and vibrant light performance results in all Hearts & Arrows diamonds appearing 3-4 whiter than a standard brilliant cut. They will also appear larger due to their superior light return.  

A typical hearts and arrows has the following proportions:
The pavillion 40.7 degrees (affecting the pattern of the arrows)
The crown 34.5 degrees (the top of the diamond)
Table size 55.5 degrees (responsible for the pattern of the hearts) 

The contrasting pattern within the diamond is the by-product of extreme precision with every diamond facet aligning to exacting standards. Hearts and arrows diamonds feature the highest degree of optical symmetry. They are coveted for their spectacular pattern of arrows when viewed from above and hearts when viewed from below.

If you are seeking one of the rarest diamond cuts then a Hearts and Arrows is for you. Their facet placement behaving like a series of mirrors achieves the brightest sparkle out of any diamond.  They are an impressive achievement in the industry of diamond cutting to form such superior symmetry. The visual difference of a hearts and arrows stone will forever show their elusive pattern and distinguish themselves as their own.

If you expect the best and value craftsmanship and quality, Hearts and Arrows diamonds are the ideal option.

To select the perfect diamond for your Engagement Ring, please book your appointment at Janai to talk with our diamond specialists.