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Choose from our rings below, each infinitely customisable to suit your individual style and preferences.

Discover an array of rings designed for life’s most meaningful moments. Book A Consultation.

    The Kimberly Ring | Salt & Pepper Diamond

    The Marcia Ring | Salt & Pepper Diamond

    The Jessica Ring | Pink Diamond

    The Taylor Ring | Pink Diamond

    The Alice Ring | Pink Diamond

    The Vivian Ring | Pink Diamond

    The Anna Ring | Pink Diamond

    The Christine Ring | Pink Diamond

    The Brianna Ring | Pink Diamond

    The Alison Ring | Pink Diamond

    The Leila Ring | Pink Diamond

    The Jenny Ring | Salt & Pepper Marquise Diamond

    The Sarah Ring - Cushion Trilogy Engagement Ring

    The Alaina Ring

    The Miya Ring

    The Alora Ring

    The Shea Ring - Asscher Diamond Engagement Ring

    The Amada Ring - Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

    The Ayu Ring - Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring

    Tanzanite Stacker Ring

    Yellow Diamond Twist Ring

    Individual Claw Set Diamond Ring

    The Veronica Ring

    The Jasmine Ring | Radiant Cut Diamond

    Janai Signature Diamond Wedding Ring

    The Brenda Ring | Purple/Grey Burmese Spinel Ring

    Purple Cushion Burmese Spinel Ring

    Princess Channel Set Diamond Ring

    Polished Milgrain Ladies Ring

    Spessartite Oval Garnet Ring

    Shared Claw Set Diamond Ring

    Green Sapphire Halo Ring

    Grey/Purplish Round Burmese Spinel Ring

    Green/Blue Sapphire Halo Ring

    Round Engraved Diamond Ring

    Baby Blue Emerald Topaz Ring

    Deep Pink Burmese Cushion Spinel Ring

    Swiss Blue Cushion Topaz Ring

    Baguette Filigree Diamond Ring

    Blue/Grey Cushion Spinel Ring

    Blue/Grey Burmese Cushion Spinel Ring

    Baguette & Round Dress Ring

    Green Asscher Peridot Ring

    The Amanda Ring | Purple/Grey Burmese Spinel

    The Janelle Ring | Purple/Grey Burmese Spinel

    Asscher Solitaire Diamond Ring

    Green Tourmaline Pear Halo Ring

    The Paula Ring - Intense Blue Pear Shaped Diamond

    The Kristin Ring | Salt & Pepper Marquise Diamond

    The Samantha Ring | Salt & Pepper Marquise Diamond

    Emerald Diamond Ring

    Emerald Diamond Wedding Ring

    Janai Signature Diamond Ring