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Our Top 10 Unique Engagement Rings


Looking for some inspiration for ring designs that are truly one-of-a-kind ?

For bold and statement styles with intricate and ornate designs. Look no further than these show-stopping rings.

Handcrafted from Janai these exquisite rings are custom made-to-order pieces. 

1. An eye-catching Serpent style design. This Regal ring can be created using diamonds or for the more daring, a precious gemstone such as Sapphire, Emerald or Ruby

Chandelier Engagement Ring

2. A breath-taking setting, this ornate ring replicates a Parisian Chandelier

18ct Yellow Gold Hidden Halo Ring

3. A contrasting setting between 18ct Gold & Diamonds, this design is for the truly glamorous. More is more, encasing the centre stone with double hidden halos 

4. Adding as many diamonds as possible, this jaw-dropping ring incorporates a centre halo with a combination of larger and smaller diamonds to glisten at every angle. 

5. A strikingly bold design fit for royalty. This statement piece resembles a tiara or crown.

6. A sweet and subtle detail of a hidden Halo knot for something different yet still classy, simple and chic 

Toi et Moi Ring

7. The multi-stone look favoured by Megan Fox and Ariana Grande, in which diamonds are artfully stacked together. A modern and refreshing design mixing modern and traditional

8. Graceful and sweet hidden details such as this delicate Bow support a large pave 6 claw setting      

9. Little personal details for your eyes only, this tiny heart detail hides underneath the striking centre stone .

Tulip Ring

10. Inspired by nature, a floral Tulip style setting embraces the centre diamond for a romantic and feminine aesthetic

Book an appointment with Janai where we can bring your dream vision to life.
Our diamond specialists can assist you with all of your custom designs, adding a unique and personal touch for your precious moments 
Handcrafting an exquisite piece allows you to create a custom ring that is truly yours.
Reflecting your personal taste and style this bespoke service allows you to create a custom setting made to order.  

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