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Engagement rings, Diamonds, Wedding rings, Melbourne

Janai is the official destination for Engagement Rings in Melbourne. Specialising in custom-designs, Janai offers the finest craftsmanship and exceptional service to all of our clients. Our diamond specialists offer the ultimate personalised experience to bring our customers unique vision to life, creating breath-taking and one of a kind Engagement Rings.

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Engagement Rings Melbourne

As a leading diamond ring designer, Janai has 20+ years of experience in hand-crafting exceptional Engagement Rings in Melbourne. Our full-time team of specialist jewellery designers, diamond setters and sketch artists ensure the highest quality and exceptional standard throughout the creation of your unique Engagement Ring.

Our process begins with the concept for your custom Engagement Ring design. Discover loose diamonds, precious gemstones and an extensive range of designs to make your vision come to life. Our in-store experience allows you to personalise all of the intricate details for a truly memorable experience.

At Janai we are committed to sourcing premium quality diamonds and creating designs to maximise each stone's rare beauty. Choose between the finest natural or lab-grown diamonds to fit your bespoke design. We seek to preserve the exceptional quality of your piece, therefore our designs are crafted patiently to achieve perfect symmetry, balance and proportion. Perfect for your romantic proposal.

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At Janai Jewellery we make it our responsibility to ensure all our clients are able to make an informed decision before making a purchase. Our friendly and professional jewellery and diamond consultants will take the time to carefully listen to each and every client to really understand what it is you’re after. Clients can buy readily available designs from our extensive range in Melbourne's store or alternatively custom design their own piece.

Depending on their needs, clients can choose to meet with our friendly jewellery consultants, who specialise in elegant wedding bands, stunning earrings, and delicate pendant designs. For those seeking engagement rings or more intricate jewellery, our expert diamond consultants are ready to assist with their exceptional knowledge and personalized service.

Our consultants are highly educated in their field and will explain to you everything you need to know about diamonds, gemstones and other precious materials such as gold, platinum and silver. They are also well-equipped with extensive designing experience and can talk you through a range of possible design plans. Once you are happy with a design plan, we will source GIA certified diamonds that will suit your design and fall within your budget.
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* Please Note - We can only cater for a maximum of 2 guests per consultation
* Custom Engagement Ring pricing starting from AU$3,500