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Is it SAFE to buy jewellery online?

In a world where convenience is everything, it’s no surprise that almost whatever you’re looking for, including engagement rings, are available for purchase online. However enticing the ease of a quick transaction may be, finding the perfect diamond comes with its own set of challenges. It’s crucial to examine the implications of buying such an important piece of jewellery online. Are these diamond rings genuinely good quality with the seller providing a great service, or is there more beneath the surface?

We’ll uncover the real reasons why you should be cautious about buying engagement rings online, debunk the myths and provide tips on how to end up with your perfect Engagement Ring.

Sample Photos/Stock Images/Retouching

Sellers' photos are often edited and retouched to make diamonds and their engagement rings appear better than they actually are. It’s wise to err on the side of caution and question whether what you see will be what you get. Many online retailers will use a stock image or a sample of the engagement ring for sale and it won’t match the actual product you receive. On occasion we’ve even seen jewellers using other companies' images that aren’t even their own for their website listings.

Often the engagement ring photos will not match the actual diamond ring you will be sent. The harsh reality is it’s often not until after the purchase that this would be noticed. And by then, it’s too late. When you are seeking an engagement ring and diamond of high quality - you should insist on viewing it in person to be 100% sure it appears as described, and not a photoshop edit.

It should be the bare minimum to see in-person the diamond you’re buying.

Navigating Certificates

You think you’ve finally found the engagement ring of your dreams browsing upon a website, until you discover the next step requires choosing a centre diamond from a database of thousands of certificates. With sellers marketing themselves as providing thousands of diamond options - it certainly all sounds great until you actually need to look at them and filter through to find what you want. And how do you know exactly what to look for? How do you know what is a good or bad diamond for your engagement ring? And is it even suitable for the gold setting you have chosen?

Looking through thousands of pages and uninspiring 360 diamond videos attempting to select the right one can seem impossible. The process can feel extremely tedious and impersonal - leading many to feel overwhelmed and give up. And for those who persist, they may end up honing in on a certain detail (for example, the carat weight of a diamond) and ignore other huge red flags such as a poor quality diamond cut or unfavourable proportions. To those unfamiliar with diamonds, certificates will give you no sense of size, sparkle or showcase their true beauty.

A professional can instead sift through certificates quickly and easily recognise diamond characteristics to separate what is actually important to you and what deserves your attention. They can explain to you all the terminology around diamonds, answer your many questions and reflect on the differences between stones during a detailed in-store discussion.

Read more about GIA, GCAL & IGI - Your Guide To Diamond Certification

Understanding Diamonds Value

When seeking an engagement ring, understanding diamond quality is paramount. Different sellers offer a range of diamond cuts, shapes, carat weights and colours - and prices wildly vary. We’re talking diamonds that can look very similar to those untrained in what to look for, but one is worth $10,000 and another worth $100,000.

Some clients have zero interest in learning about the financial investment they’re making. Don’t fall into this category. Make sure you know what you’re paying for. Depending on the backstory of the diamond, the value will be greatly affected.

Factors such as whether it's lab-grown or natural diamond, the rarity of the diamond, the origins of the stone as well as its certification and grading quality will all play integral parts in the diamonds price.

Those unfamiliar may think they’re buying an incredible diamond, where in reality they end up with a centre stone that is dull, lifeless or deeply flawed, or simply not worth what they paid for it. Confirm that you understand the value of each characteristic of the diamond you’re purchasing.

Craftsmanship and quality

Craftsmanship and quality should never be compromised when making a considerable financial investment. There may be a hidden price to pay from purchasing online from just a few photos. All jewellers differ in their quality, vary in their standards and not everybody takes pride in their work. It’s not uncommon for there to be issues with centre diamond sitting too high or low, not being held securely, displaying poorly polished claws or bands with visible scratches - which are all indicators of a subpar engagement ring.

It’s easy for online retailers to use certain photo angles to mask their inadequacies (such as rough seams and joins or poorly polished engagement rings) which knowingly or unknowingly misleads customers. Compared to in-store, there is no angle unseen and nothing to hide. In person you can draw your attention to every small detail to ensure you’re satisfied with the engagement ring. It’s better to be picky during a visible inspection than to end up with a poor-quality diamond and poor finish on a ring forever.

Delivery Stress

A proposal is perhaps the biggest surprise you will ever plan for your loved one. Ordering an engagement ring online piles on unnecessary stress around the delivery of your purchase. Consider the inconvenience of having to be home to sign for the package, the stress of potential damage to the diamond ring, the postal company losing the parcel, or your engagement ring ending up being delivered to the wrong address. It's impossible to schedule a particular time or specific day for a delivery. Meaning you are sure to worry about hiding it from your future fiance. What if they’re at home at the time of delivery and you need to distract them? Or worse, what if the package ends up in their hands and ruins the entire surprise?

This moment requires the utmost discretion to avoid having a negative experience of a ruined proposal. Alternately, purchasing in-store there will be a team that will assist in keeping the surprise of your proposal and keep your ring stored safely. Not to mention, you can collect the ring at your convenience when it best suits you.

Tip for your perfect Engagement Ring: Embrace the romance of an in-store experience

Choosing your beautiful loose diamond and seeing it come to life into an engagement ring is a precious moment. Buying your engagement ring in-store offers guidance and the needed support to crafting your perfect diamond ring. Proposals are high-stakes moments with many emotions involved and you deserve to feel at ease and enjoy the process.

Being a part of the journey is all a part of an in-store experience. It’s essential for ongoing assistance from those that understand diamonds, design and quality craftsmanship. Allowing you to communicate frequently and feel accommodated by your jeweller - to receive your dream engagement ring.

Take pride in the design journey of your engagement ring. Don’t dim the importance of the moment. Your proposal is one of the most pivotal moments in your lifetime. You have every right to feel like a highly valued client, not just a click and add to cart type of experience. For diamonds and more expensive purchases it’s natural to expect a high level of service and aftercare. After all, investing in a costly piece entitles you to this extra special experience.

As with anything custom, it requires many steps from designing, specifying details, viewing loose diamonds and then finally collecting the diamond engagement ring. Be proud to be involved and show the effort to your loved one with your diamond ring purchase to your loved one and minimise your chances of having a negative experience. Shop in-store, be in control of the design, choose the exact diamond you’re after and get the ring you deserve. 

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