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Round Cut Diamond

The Round Brilliant Cut Diamond is a timeless choice with a simplistic and elegant shape and extraordinary fire and sparkle. It is the most popular and classic diamond cut and when cut to an ideal depth, allows maximum light performance and extraordinary fire and brilliance!

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What is Round Cut Diamond?

The most popular yet classic diamond cut to grace the diamond industry is the round brilliant cut diamond. It is a timeless choice with a simplistic and elegant shape and extraordinary fire and sparkle. The round brilliant cut has been refined overtime and now produces the most brilliance of all diamond cuts today!

round diamond

The round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular and classic diamond cut! Interestingly, due to its shape, a round brilliant cut diamond loses more of its rough carat weight in the cutting stage than any other shape, resulting in a higher price per carat.

diamond size


Since the discovery of diamonds, diamond cutters have invested their time in creating a shape that produces immense fire and brilliance. However, it wasn’t until the late 1800’s when the bruting machine was invented – a tool that allows a diamond to be cut in a perfect circle – that the round brilliant cut was produced, achieving a fire and brilliance that shocked the diamond world. Since then, the round brilliant cut diamond has been constantly refined.

old european brilliant cut modern round brilliant cut
old European cut
This diamond has a small table, large culet, and short lower-half facets. These are typical of diamonds from the late 1800s. This style kept evolving until the 1950s, when it would have a larger table, longer lower-half facets, and a smaller culet. Photo by Al Gilbertson, © GIA
GIA's cut-grading system was designed to assess the beauty and craftsmanship of modern round brilliant-cut diamonds like this 2.78-ct.gem. Photo by Robert Weldon, © GIA

The initial round cut was the European cut, and although round, it’s appearance and cut technique was very different to the modern day round brilliant cut diamond we know today. With carat weight motivating the diamond cutters, the European cut was deep which resulted in low brilliance and minimal fire. These diamonds are no longer cut however often found in vintage art deco pieces.

Today, the round brilliant cut diamond is cut to an ideal depth allowing maximum light performance and extraordinary fire and brilliance!


hearts and arrows

Hearts and Arrows is a feature in a round brilliant cut diamond that shows the precision of the diamond’s cut. When a round brilliant cut diamond’s 57 facets, polish, cut, and symmetry are perfect, it produces an arrow pattern through the top and a heart pattern through the bottom, which is absolutely mesmerising to the eye. This pattern consists of 8 hearts and 8 arrows evenly spaced and symmetrical throughout the diamond. To achieve this pattern, it requires high precision and technique – even more than achieving an excellent symmetry, polish or cut grade. This represents the superiority of a round brilliant cut diamond with hearts and arrows.

Does an “Ideal” Cut rating equate to Hearts And Arrows? The answer is No.

Not all diamonds with an excellent cut rating (GIA) will automatically qualify it as a hearts and arrows diamond. This level of precision goes way beyond the criteria needed to achieve an “excellent” symmetry rating. You will find Hearts and Arrows in all Janai diamonds, including the smaller ones in your shoulder stones and halo.

poor hearts poor arrows

Be sure to check the Hearts and Arrows of your diamond as the quality can vary. Like any feature of a An example of triple excellent GIA grading with poor “arrows” diamond, you can get a good or a bad Hearts and Arrows pattern. When viewing this feature through a scope, a good Hearts and Arrows will have even intensity, no variation on pattern widths, it’s symmetrical and mirror image. Variations in these features will result in a low-quality Hearts and Arrows and minimised light performance.


When selecting an engagement ring, it is important to consider the craftsmanship of not only the ring but the diamond itself. This can make a considerable difference in the light performance and quality regardless of the 4 C’s gradings. Choosing the perfect round brilliant cut diamond is a technical process where many factors need to be considered including the 4C’s and hearts and arrows.

Your Janai consultant will ensure you select a round brilliant cut diamond that achieves everything you’re looking for and provides the best value for money, all while helping you design the most outstanding diamond engagement ring.

At Janai, we will take the utmost care to provide you the knowledge to confidently select a diamond with premium craftsmanship, but also the promise of flawless aftercare service including lifetime complimentary cleaning and inspection.

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