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Style and Settings

It is important to consider the endless possibilities with design when customising your own engagement ring - choosing the correct style and setting will determine the aesthetic the ring will create and accentuate the overall beauty of your diamond! This process can be overwhelming but no need to worry as we at Janai are here to help.

The style and setting refer to the method in which your diamond or diamonds are set into a metal band. Read below for a description of the different selections you can choose from.

Janai Signature

Through our years of experience, the idea to create an engagement ring design that is timeless and simplistic, yet intricate blossomed. With a round brilliant cut diamond as the highlight, the diamond is held in a perfectly symmetrical six prong setting that elevates the diamond from the band in a Janai twist.


Perfect for those who seek a lasting design that will never go out of fashion - the solitaire is the most classic engagement ring style featuring a single diamond at its centre. The solitaire design - the most classic of all - was the first diamond engagement ring in history, commissioned by Archduke Maximillian of Austria in 1477. Each diamond shape complements the solitaire engagement ring beautifully.

Solitaire with Sides

The solitaire with sides is an ideal choice for those who love the features of a solitaire engagement ring but want to add a bit more glamour. Exactly like the name suggests, it is a single diamond enhanced with small diamonds on the band – creating a design with more sparkle.


A trilogy is a combination of three stones set closely together and was initially envisioned with the belief of each stone symbolising the relationship’s past, present, and future. The centre stone is generally larger than the two accompanying stones – you can get creative here by selecting from a variety of diamond shapes, sizes, or gemstones to harmonise. The trilogy is a brilliant choice for those who value a sophisticated engagement ring that holds a deep meaning beyond friendship, love, and fidelity.


The halo is an exquisite and elegant setting with a centre stone that is surrounded by an eternity of smaller diamonds, maximising visual impact. The detail and beauty is admirable at a close distance, and from afar the eternity of smaller diamonds can give an illusion of one impressive stone. Different shape halos can be created with this setting so don't be scared of using your imagination to create an artistic unique engagement ring.


Vintage engagement ring styles are an unmatched choice for those who love antique and art deco styles. They are often decorative, include detailed patterns and can range from being feminine or include strong looking geometric shapes. Most who opt for this style use gemstones for their centre stone however diamonds can add a modern element to the design.

Janai Signature Setting

Our Janai signature band features round brilliant cut diamonds held together in a shared claw setting with a beautiful wave featured from the front view – this wave ensures each diamond is visible at all angles and adds an element of femininity to the design.

Single Shared Claw Setting

A single shared claw setting is designed with only one claw between two diamonds. This setting creates a refined and dainty look while showcasing the beauty of each diamond magnificently. As a bonus, this setting is elevated, giving the illusion of bigger diamonds.

Shared Claw Setting

A shared claw setting is like the single shared claw setting with the only difference being the diamonds held by two claws on each side. Although, the added claws widen the setting and appear a little heavier than a single claw, it provides a higher security of diamonds.

Individual Claw Setting

An individual claw setting portrays an immaculate and neat look to its wearer. It is a setting in which the diamonds are all held by their own four claws giving a straight appearance.

Bezel Setting

A bezel setting’s beauty is revealed at the top view of your ring. This setting is when each diamond is surrounded by a metal border that holds the diamond securely in place - a perfect setting for those who have active lifestyles!

Channel Setting

A channel setting is made with two parallel walls holding the diamonds in place, giving the illusion of floating diamonds. The size of the walls can be adjusted to your preference so let us know when you come into store!

Grain Setting

A grain setting is created with claws and high walls - a slight combination of a claw set and a channel set. This design gives a very sleek appearance and with the addition of a milgrain finish, it can create an antique look perfect for those who opt for a vintage style.

Hammer Setting

A hammer setting describes a design with diamonds set into the ring and within the band. This setting is most popular in gents’ rings as they add a bit of sparkle and charisma.

Pavé Setting

The word pavé is of French origin and means paved. In this lavish setting, the surface of the band has been paved with three or more rows of diamonds. They are set tightly to give the illusion of endless diamonds.

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