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The Janai Story

Janai Jewellery specialises in engagement rings & unique custom design jewellery made to the highest of standards in Melbourne. Janai Jewellery offers true craftsmanship at its finest by combining quality craftsmanship, expertise and skill.


We know the importance of giving the utmost attention to detail when crafting for our clients. That’s why our meticulous production department also undergoes quality control to ensure each jewellery item is made to the highest of industry standards.
One of our highly knowledgeable consultants will be designated to help guide and educate you in all aspects of diamond knowledge. This includes educating clients about the universal 4C’s concept. A concept created by GIA in the 1950’s which revolutionised the diamond industry and made it easier for consumers to compare diamond qualities.
Before we start production, we always start with the client. Clients can arrange a time with us to discuss any specifications they have in mind about the piece they wish to design before production begins.
Our consultants can explain in detail the variety of diamond, metal and gemstone options available and will happily answer any questions regarding the process.
Once we gain a thorough understanding of our client’s concept, our creative designers will produce three-dimensional sketches and changes can be made before production begins.
Our expert jewellers and diamond setters will subsequently collaborate to make the concept into reality, with a finish that boasts the utmost precision and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enquire for a private Consultation

* Please note we can only cater for a maximum of 3 guests per consultation
* Our engagement rings price starts at $3,000; unfortunately we are not able to provide diamonds of lower range.