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Cushion Cut Diamond

The Cushion Cut Diamond is a square cut with soft rounded corners, much like a pillow – acquiring its name ‘cushion cut’. Cushion cut diamonds are well known for their ability to retain their colour.

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What is Cushion Cut Diamond?

The epitome of beauty, the cushion cut diamond is truly timeless and is otherwise known as a Cushion-Modified Brilliant. The cushion cut diamond is one of the oldest diamond cuts and throughout its rich history has been transformed into three modern cushion cut categories.

Cushion Cut


Prevalent throughout the 19th century, the ‘old mine cut’ (named after the old mines of Brazil) is the precursor of the modern-day cushion cut diamond. The old mine cut was square with soft rounded edges and was cut in a variety of facet patterns with a small table, high crown, and a large culet. It was designed to reflect the soft romantic candlelight of its bygone era. The old mine cut diamond was the most popular diamond cut of its time. Inspired by modernity and with technological advancements, the old mine cut transformed to the diamond we know it as today, the cushion cut diamond.


Cushion views

This illustration shows the different views of a cushion cut diamond.

The cushion cut diamond is a square cut with soft rounded corners, much like a pillow – acquiring its name ‘cushion cut’. The reinvented cushion cut diamond discards the flaws of the old mine cut and produces an incredible sparkle matched with the round brilliant cut.

Unlike other diamond cuts, cushion cut diamonds are available in a large variety. There are three main categories and each of these produce an extraordinarily different sparkle! Some cushion cut diamonds are cut with large defined facets that radiate broad ‘chucky’ flashes of light, while others have less distinctive facets with a ‘crushed ice’ brilliance. The appearance and price of these cuts can vary drastically. Our industry leading diamond consultants at Janai will walk you through the different types to find your personal preference.

Cushion cut diamonds are well known for their ability to retain their colour, so they are often chosen for coloured diamonds such as yellow or pink. For this reason, when selecting a white diamond, it is ideal to choose a high colour grade between ‘near colourless’ and ‘colourless’. This cost can be balanced with the diamond's clarity as the many facets of a cushion cut diamond help to hide small inclusions.

Cushion brilliant


The cushion brilliant cut diamond has a similar faceting style to the round brilliant cut diamond with 58 facets. This cut contains large facets and is highly desirable due to their high resemblance to the round brilliant cut diamond - it exhibits a high return of light and incredible light performance. This diamond cut is a premium cushion cut therefore the price of the cushion brilliant is higher than the cushion hybrid and cushion modified.

Cushion Modified


The cushion modified brilliant cut is an antique cut that resembles a cross between the old mine cut and a modern oval cut. This cut has 86 facets with the majority on the pavilion. This creates a bottom heavy diamond with a smaller surface area than cushion brilliant or cushion hybrid for the same carat weight. This cut has a sparkle that resembles a “crushed ice” appearance.

Cushion Hybrid


The cushion hybrid cut diamond is a combination of the cushion brilliant and a cushion modified brilliant cut with 66 facets. This cut features a blend of large facets like the cushion brilliant cut and a similar pavilion facetting as the cushion modified brilliant cut. However, rather than having a “crushed ice” appearance, the hybrid cushion cut has a “fiery” appearance of the cushion brilliant cut. It is also important to note the cushion hybrid cut is easily mistaken for the cushion modified brilliant as that is what it corresponds to on your GIA certificate.

Cushion compare

This illustration shows a side by side comparison of the cushion brilliant cut diamond, cushion modified brilliant cut diamond, and the cushion hybrid cut diamond.

A cushion cut diamond is traditionally square with the most common ratio of 1.00 to 1.10, however elongated cushion cuts are available too. Its durable silhouette is resistant to chipping which is perfect for those who love an open setting like a solitaire.

Cushion ratio

This illustration demonstrates the different ratio of cushion cut diamonds.


When selecting an engagement ring, it is important to consider the craftsmanship of not only the ring but the diamond itself. This can make a considerable difference in the light performance and quality of the diamond regardless of the 4 C’s gradings.

At Janai, we will take the utmost care to provide you the knowledge to confidently select a diamond with premium craftsmanship, but also the promise of flawless aftercare service including lifetime complimentary cleaning and inspection.

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