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Top 3 Latest Engagement Ring Trends 2024

Engagement rings and jewellery, much like fashion, have constantly evolving trends and styles that change each and every year. The new wave of engagement ring styles for 2024 have already made their mark, with these diamond ring designs making big impressions. From Cigar bands, to Elongated Cushions and Marquise cut diamonds - we’ve seen a shift from the dainty and detailed designs to bold minimalism and super elegant engagement rings.

In today's article, we share the details of these engagement ring trends for 2024, to present to you the top picks everyone has embraced for this year - and to inspire you for your own diamond ring design!

Cigar Band Diamond Engagement Rings

Cigar band Engagement Rings are the latest trend to keep your eye on for this year. Cigar band styles are defined by their wide gold bands (generally 6mm - 8mm), squared off edges, and for this year, large bold centre diamonds. With larger 3ct, 4ct and 5ct centre stones.

Perhaps better associated with mens wedding band styles, these thicker gold bands have been adopted into many Engagement Ring styles for 2024. With so many iterations to choose from, Cigar band engagement rings can be personalised with anything from the classic centre diamond set on a plain gold band, to incorporating a full diamond shimmering row.

Cigar Band engagement rings take on quite a cool and masculine style. A cigar band engagement ring is like wearing your boyfriend's blazer or mens watch - giving a bold oversized statement for a commanding presence. A little androgyny has always been a part of contemporary style - and this engagement ring style is no exception.

Beloved by many women with a custom option to suit everyone, their thicker band is highly practical with its strength and aligns perfectly with a minimalist aesthetic. Cigar bands also work well sitting flush with almost any wedding band style, co-ordinating together for a unique bridal set.

Elongated Cushion Cut Diamonds

Elongated cushion cut diamonds are a rare cut that this year have become the ultimate object of desire. Classically, cushion cuts are known for their more square and proportional shapes. Yet those seeking the undeniably soft romantic shape, and that overall larger, slim, and forever flattering look - are all trying to get their hands on the elongated version.

We saw in 2023 the infatuation with the oval cut diamond and today, elongated diamonds still remain on-trend. The elongated cushion, however, offers a more refreshing take with their similar faceting pattern but an even more brilliant sparkle. The most admired proportions are the ultra long and slender (ratios of 1.4 and above) combining the brilliance of a round cut and the romance of their soft pillowy silhouette.

The most requested designs are solitaire settings with hidden halos. Drawing all the attention to the centre diamond size and allowing their large facets to refract the most amount of light. Elongated cushion cuts are the perfect example to look elegant, feminine and elevated. The only drawback with these cushion cuts, is due to their rarity, they may require a bit of a wait to source your perfect stone. As elongated cushion diamond is anything but common - so availability may be limited.

Marquise Cut Diamonds

You saw it right, Marquise diamonds are back in favour. Marquise cut diamonds are not only spectacular to look at, but fit and flatter the wearer with their ultra elongated appearance. The 90’s nostalgia factor is surely also contributing to their popularity with many styles resurfacing from this era.

A platinum or white gold marquise brilliant cut diamond cluster halo engagement ring with diamonds on the band

Marquise diamonds are arguably the best value for money per carat weight (they cover the largest surface area on the finger out of any diamond cut) and they’re admired for their perfectly brilliant faceting pattern. Marquise diamonds have a unique convex shape (a little like a football), which curves outwards near the centre and tapers towards the angular ends.

Marquise cut diamonds can be an ideal engagement ring for those with shorter, petite fingers to give the impression of longer and slimmer fingers. Their form also takes cues from vintage designs, for a timeless engagement ring style.

Getting the style right for your forever ring

Getting the style right for your forever ring is more important than ever and can be a tricky task.

Fortunately, as you explore these trends, they can inspire your own design to create your own custom engagement ring. With these in mind, you can experiment with different details to personalise the design to find the best design for you!

Whether you’re drawn to the striking presence of a cigar band, the graceful elegance of an elongated cushion, or the nostalgic charm of a marquise cut, you can customise your ring and tailor every detail at Janai. And whilst these remain the preferred styles for Engagement Rings of 2024 - we are certain there are still many more to come!

To begin crafting your perfect engagement ring at JANAI, please fill out your details in the form below to request your consultation today!

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