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The Top Engagement Ring Styles of 2023

As we are bringing in the new year it becomes a time of reflection over the past twelve months. Another year of creating beautiful custom diamond Engagement Rings at Janai Melbourne has brought many designs to life and showcased the personal taste and styles of many couples embarking on the next chapter of their lives.

Looking back on the previous year we have seen a delightful array of Engagement Ring styles and many truly unique creations - yet there were certain design elements that kept reappearing time and time again. We noticed many of the same styles set the trends of 2023, serving as inspiration for many and creating the top styles of the year.

Let's take a look back on these Top Engagement Ring styles that stole the hearts of our clients for the year or 2023. 

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Large Centre Diamonds

From the beginning of the year we quickly saw the rise of clients requesting higher carat weight diamonds for their centre stones. The affordability of Lab-Grown diamonds (up to 70% less in price compared to natural diamonds) has offered many couples the opportunity to pick a bigger diamond than ever before without compromising on quality. Two and three carat centre diamonds were noticeably a more desirable choice in 2023. We could attribute this to many reasons - perhaps the lower price-tag, the influence of social media, or the celebrity influence of large and beautiful engagement rings. Wherever the inspiration came from, the style of a large centre diamond soared in 2023 and produced many stunning engagement rings as a result.

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Minimal Designs 

Following the theme of showcasing the centre stone, the clean girl aesthetic and the minimalist 90s trend was prevalent in Engagement Ring styles for the year 2023. A classic solitaire style with plain gold band was one of our most highly sought after designs. And how can we be surprised - this classic solitaire and timeless choice has been going strong for more than 50 years. Round solitaire designs have always been at the forefront of the top engagement ring styles, with 2023 year being no exception. Simple and paired back in style, solitaires are an ode to ‘less is more’ and place all the attention on the purity of the centre diamond. This minimalist aesthetic was adored by our couples and the solitaire design served as inspiration for a large portion of our clients.   

Our Signature Designs

Our Signature Rose and Signature Tulip Rings proved to be a firm favourite for 2023. This engagement ring style is inspired by the beauty of nature with a twist on the classic solitaire design. The designs feature a floral motif with the claws taking on an organic form, enclosing the diamond delicately in an 18ct Gold Setting for the appearance of a flower. These signature styles are crafted to allow the maximum amount of light within the setting for a bright and brilliant diamond ring. The cathedral style setting provides strength and protection for the centre diamond whilst maintaining optimum sparkle. Our signature rings charmed many as a Top chosen Engagement Ring style of 2023.    

Vintage Designs
It was clear for 2023 nostalgia was in, and many clients lusted over vintage-inspired Engagement Rings styles. From Art Deco geometric styles to delicate Milgrain and Pave details, the elegance of yesteryear was embraced and featured in many of this year's designs. Vintage Style Engagement Rings were the perfect fit for those who appreciated the craftsmanship and intricacies of skilled jewellers to create one-of-a-kind rings. Aside from their eye-catching and decorative designs, there is a certain uniqueness about styles of the past. Which is a large part of why our clients visit us - to create a custom ring that nobody else has. The antique style symbolised the love story of many who connected with this vintage aesthetic and sparked the vision of countless majestic engagement ring designs. 

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Oval Shape Diamonds 

Oval Cut Diamonds captured the hearts of many for 2023. Brides-to-be were drawn to this elegant diamond shape as they wanted a classic ring style that's a little more unique than the traditional round cut diamond. We understand their enduring popularity  - as the Oval diamond's elongated shape flatters the wearer and gives the illusion of a larger stone per carat weight. We saw the trend emerge with many celebrities featuring Oval Cuts in their engagement rings and inspire our clients' own unique designs. Oval cut diamonds are incredibly versatile and we crafted many breath-taking designs ranging from solitaires, to trilogy rings, to bold diamond bands.   

We look forward to the coming new year to see what inspires our clients and the new and upcoming trends. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic that is drawn to the classics, or more a trend setter who seeks a bold and stand out style, at Janai we transform your custom Engagement Ring vision to a reality.  We are excited to continue to create the designs you love and bring your dream diamond ring to life in 2024. 

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