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Creating the perfect Engagement Ring Style - According to experts

Choosing an engagement ring style is one of the most significant and personal decisions you will ever make. It’s not just about a diamond ring, it’s about capturing the essence of your love and commitment in a piece of jewellery that will be cherished forever.

We share our insights from the experts to help you navigate the journey in creating your perfect engagement ring.

The beauty of designing your engagement ring style is the creative freedom and the endless possibilities. Your personal taste, lifestyle and budget will dictate the final design allowing for a piece that is crafted uniquely to you.

Keep reading as we break it down step by step for you below.

Deciding a Diamond Shape

The very first step is choosing your diamond shape. The choice of diamond shapes for an engagement ring include round, oval, cushion, radiant, pear, emerald, marquise, princess, asscher and specialty cuts. At JANAI we offer the largest range of loose diamonds in-store on display in Australia. Every single diamond shape is unique with their own beautiful qualities. It's important to view your diamond before setting into your Engagement Ring so you can see the proportions, brightness and sparkle. This way you may view the shape on your hand and ensure it meets your expectations - as each diamond shape is vastly different - to be sure your ring ends up exactly how you desire it to be!

Natural or Lab-Grown diamonds

Choosing between natural and lab-grown diamonds involves weighing the allure of tradition against the benefits of modern technology. Natural diamonds, formed over billions of years under immense pressure and heat deep within the earth’s mantle stand as one of nature’s most remarkable creations. Lab-grown diamonds on the other hand, are an affordable option allowing clients to go for higher quality and larger carat weight diamonds. Ultimately, the choice lies on personal preference and whether one values the romantic history of a natural diamond or the innovative, high-tech appeal of a lab-grown diamond. The preferred lab-grown diamonds sourced at JANAI are CVD Type IIA, grown from real diamond seeds replicating the natural diamond formation process.

Framing your Diamond: Choosing the right precious metals

If the diamond is the foundation of your ring design, the precious metal is the perfect compliment. Your choice will affect the ring's appearance, durability, and how it frames the diamond.

Gold: A Timeless Choice

For engagement rings, 18ct is highly recommended by our experts. The highest-grade alloy mix for White,Yellow or Rose Gold is nickel-free, ensuring a safe and comfortable wear. 18ct Gold is the longest lasting and most durable choice. At Janai, we always use new gold in our rings to ensure its strength and longevity. Gold is the most versatile option for Engagement Rings, suitable for various settings and adds a classic touch to any design.

Platinum: Epitome of Elegance

Platinum is a denser metal and best suited to only solitaire designs. We advise against using platinum in halo settings or those with side diamonds as it is highly malleable. Platinum is chosen for its hypoallergenic properties and more popular with men as it is 30% heavier than 18ct gold.

Both 18ct Gold and Platinum have unique properties and durability factors. It's essential to discuss with your consultant to discover the most suitable for your design, to achieve your desired effect, ensure its structural integrity and keep maintenance to a minimum.

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Setting Style: Classic or Elaborate?

Full freedom in the design for your Engagement Ring can be both a blessing and a challenge. It’s essential to think about everything beforehand to simplify the process and not to overwhelm yourself with choices. Our experts advise that a classic solitaire can highlight the diamond's brilliance, whilst a more elaborate and decorative setting can add unique character and flair. Engagement rings are sentimental symbols of your love. Your engagement ring style will start with a solitaire, three-stone, halo, vintage or pave style and then incorporate small personal details to make your ring ever so special. The opportunity to create elements that are unexpected and deeply personal create the most meaningful engagement rings, so the details are important.

Matching with a Wedding Band

Most customers view their wedding band as an afterthought. Our advice is to consider how the two diamond ring styles will pair together. As a general rule, the lower the setting style the more difficult it will be to match together flush with the engagement ring style. Meaning, you either leave a space between them, or simply have less options to choose from. As long as you’re aware in advance to ensure a compatibility in fit and a harmonious combination for your bridal set, so in future you don’t get any surprises.

Sizing: Getting the perfect fit

A beautiful diamond ring style should not only fit comfortably, but also flatter the wearer, so proportions and symmetry all play an important role in the fit. Our expert opinion is to ensure your ring is perfect is not only to determining the band size, but also to create an engagement ring style proportional to the centre diamond as well as the finger.

If the proposal is a surprise, consider borrowing a ring or seeking assistance from close friends or family to estimate the size accurately. If adjustments are required, depending on the engagement ring style, resizing can be arranged to make the necessary adjustments. We offer ring sizing during your consultation to determine the ideal fit. Our experts can advise if your chosen style cannot be resized after purchase.

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Customisation: The Heart at Janai

At JANAI, every Engagement Ring is made-to-order to your vision and unique specifications. There isn’t just one particular element that is custom - it is your entire design that is infinitely customisable. From the centre diamond and its 4C’s, the shape of the claws, the thickness of the band, the type of metal for the band. During your consultation you will establish all the details of the design and personal touches for an engagement ring that is truly bespoke. We love making unusual and truly unique engagement rings. Understated engagement ring styles are really in right now with the focal point entirely on the centre stone, but really your imagination is the limit when it comes to your design.

Final Thoughts from the Experts

Crafting your Engagement Ring is a deeply personal and rewarding experience. By considering your preferences, style and budget, you can design a ring that is a true reflection of your love story. Our Diamond Consultants will work together closely with you to create the ring of your dreams. With the help of our experts, you will be able to create an engagement ring that is uniquely yours. Visit us at JANAI to explore our extensive range of diamonds and settings to bring to life your Engagement Ring in Melbourne.

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