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Wedding Band Ideas - 4 Different Styles to Pair with your Engagement Ring

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Are you trying to decide on which Wedding Band to choose?

From sleek and classic to glamourous and sparkly, there are endless combinations! Keep on reading as we share with you 4 of our popular wedding band styles, to help inspire you for the perfect pairing.

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1.The Matching Plain Gold Band 

When it comes to your wedding ring, plain and simple is a timeless choice. To create a seamless look you may coordinate the band to the same metal as your Engagement Ring. To add some more interest, try instead pairing contrasting golds. A common mix is white gold and yellow gold together - but there are no rules. Two-toned combinations can work beautifully together. You may decide between 18ct White Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold, 18ct Rose Gold. Alternatively, if you do not wish to distract from the beauty of your Engagement Ring we recommend opting for a simple matching gold wedding band. It is a sleek and traditional look - the appeal of a classic band is everlasting and effortless.

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2.The “V” shape Diamond Band 
Offering more versatility, a “V” shaped diamond band can contour elegantly around those angular or longer shaped Diamonds. At first it may seem difficult to find a silhouette that matches a Pear, Heart, Marquise or fancy cut diamond shape - but the simple solution is a curved band that will accent beautifully alongside these styles of Engagement Rings. The advantage is also the elongating effect that this design has on the finger. This style is easily paired with any Engagement Ring that has a lower profile (the centre stone is not elevated in a high setting) that may otherwise not sit flush. The appeal of a “V” shaped band is that they are able to blend together with more unique designs as a seamless set.

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3. Mixed Shape Diamond Band 
By mixing and matching the cut of Diamonds on an eternity band, it is easy to elevate the style for something extra blingy and a more contemporary look. Pictured is a Marquise and Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Wedding Band for a dreamy and cascading style. Mixing the Diamond Shapes can be incredibly flattering and allow for a more creative or elaborate design. Mixed Cut bands remain a popular choice for Wedding Bands. We suggest to balance the two rings so that they don’t overwhelm each other and appear in harmony. Mixed Shape Diamond Bands pair beautifully with simple and solitaire style rings and are a great opportunity to experiment with more ornate styles. It is also possible to add some colour to the Wedding band using gemstones such as emeralds or sapphires.

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4. Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Band 
We saved the best for last. Diamond Wedding Bands are by far our most popular design. These versatile rings feature Diamonds all the way along (eternity bands) halfway, or three quarters of the band. You can play with diamond shapes (round brilliant cut, emerald cut, oval cut) and their orientation along the band, setting (bezel set, pave/claw set) for endless combinations. These compliment almost any engagement ring and amp up the sparkle and brilliance in any Bridal Set.
The most requested Wedding Band is our Eternal Rose (pictured), embracing Round Brilliant Diamonds. This Band features approx 1ct Diamonds set in a half eternity style for the best of both worlds. An instant impact with the Diamonds, combined with durability and flexibility with sizing. This design means no need to worry about the wear against diamonds on the underside of the ring. Inspired by the waves of the ocean this elegant ring allows for security, maximum sparkle and a graceful side profile design.

A Wedding Band represents the union of your commitment together - a sentimental piece that will forever remind you of your special day. Whether you want a wedding band that matches and blends seamlessly with your Engagement Ring or stands out and holds its own - there is always a pairing to perfectly complement your Ring that represents your style. The thought of shopping doesn’t need to be overwhelming - even the most unique designs may complement a variety of Wedding Rings. 

Visit us in-store to discover which Wedding Band is the one for you. We offer a large variety and can custom-design any Ring for your forever.
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