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Wedding Band FAQs

With Wedding Rings having endless design possibilities and strong traditions behind them, our clients naturally have a lot of questions surrounding them! 
At Janai Melbourne, we are here to make the process of Ring shopping a little easier. So keep reading below to see the answers to our clients most Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Bands.

What is the correct positioning of Engagement Rings & Wedding Rings?
We often receive the question around the correct positioning of the rings. The wedding band is worn first, then your Engagement Ring, then anniversary or eternity band thereafter.

What finger do I wear my wedding Ring on?
Traditionally you will wear both your Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring on the fourth finger (ring finger) on your left hand. The idea behind wearing the rings this way is that they are closest to your heart. Ancient Romans held the belief that the vein from this finger ran directly to the heart. Although technically this isn’t true (science has proven otherwise), the longstanding belief and tradition remains firmly set in our culture.

When do I need to order my Wedding Band?
For custom designs we recommend allowing at least two months before your wedding. Depending on the design and specifications, the time to craft the ring will vary. Most of our clients order their Wedding band around 3 months before the wedding date.

Will my Wedding Band and Engagement Ring look like a Set?
At Janai we design your Wedding Band to sit flush with your Engagement Ring unless you request otherwise. We use the exacting details and measurements from your Engagement Ring design so the rings appear as a seamless set. This way your rings are worn comfortably and fit beautifully together without any gaps.

Can I mix and match Golds or Platinum?
One constraint when it comes to your Bridal set is that it is necessary to pair your Engagement Ring with a similar strength metal Wedding Band. 18ct Gold must be matched with a Gold wedding band and a Platinum Set Engagement Ring must be set with a Platinum wedding band. This is due to the difference in density between the metals. Placing Platinum and Gold together will result in signs of wear over time, as scratches will begin appearing on the adjacent gold ring and dull the finish. This occurs as Platinum is a harder and denser alloy so it is important for the metals to be the same strength to be worn harmoniously together. 

Can I buy my Wedding Band from you if my Engagement Ring is from somewhere else?
Of course. We have many different style wedding bands to match with your Ring. But please note a few limitations that we may have. Depending on where you purchased your Engagement Ring from, there may be a subtle difference between Gold colouring (If your ring is a 14ct Gold or an 18ct Gold with a slightly different metal alloy mix). It is best to buy both your Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring from us as to ensure a perfect colour match and for the rings to sit perfectly flush against one another.

What colour should my Wedding Band be?
There are no rules when it comes to whether your wedding band should be Yellow Gold, White Gold or Rose Gold. It is completely your preference. Traditionally wedding rings were plain Yellow Gold bands for both men and women. Currently the most popular metal requested from our clients for Wedding Bands is 18ct White Gold, and all of our most popular wedding band designs include diamonds.

Can my Wedding Band have Diamonds? What’s the difference between a Diamond Engagement Ring and a Diamond Wedding Ring?
Absolutely. Our most beloved Wedding Band designs have Diamonds set within the band. The difference between Diamonds in a wedding band versus an engagement ring is usually the size. Wedding band diamonds tend to be smaller and more uniform in appearance (following a pave setting all the way along the band) where an Engagement ring typically has one large centre-stone as the main focus. Generally the total carat weight of the wedding ring is also less. 

Do I need to wear both my Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring together?
This really comes down to personal preference and lifestyle. Pairing both the rings together is the most traditional look. However if you live a more active lifestyle or are unable to wear a lot of jewellery to work you may choose to wear your Wedding band by itself and the set on more special events. The decision comes down to what is most appropriate for the occasion.  

A Wedding Band represents the union of your commitment together - a sentimental piece that will forever remind you of your special day. Whether you want a wedding band that matches and blends seamlessly with your Engagement Ring or stands out and holds its own - there is always a wedding band to perfectly complement your Engagement Ring that represents your style. 

Visit us in-store to discover which Wedding Band is the one for you. We offer a large variety and can custom-design any Ring for your forever.
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