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What Hand & Finger Does a Wedding Ring Go On?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get in our showroom is - what hand and finger does the wedding ring go on? The answer heavily depends on the culture and religion you and your partner are from. However, if you are still unsure don’t worry and keep reading. We will give you the answer.

In Australia, we generally wear our wedding ring on our ring finger on our left hand. The reason being Ancient Romans believed the vein from the ring finger runs directly to the heart! This represents the deep love and closeness you have with your partner (it is also called a ring finger for a reason!). Similarly, the engagement ring also goes on this finger for the same reason. 

Next question you are probably wondering is - does the wedding ring go under or above the engagement ring? Answer to this one is under. This comes from the belief of wanting the wedding ring to sit closest to our hearts! Hence why the wedding ring is stacked below the engagement ring. From our experience, your rings also look exceptionally beautiful when worn together this way. 

On the wedding day, you might be confused on how to wear your engagement ring if the wedding ring needs to go under and the answer to this one is to wear it on your right hand when you walk down the aisle. This allows ease of the exchangement of rings. Your partner would easily slide your wedding ring in the correct place and then you could slide your engagement ring on top after the ceremony. 

After marriage, many ladies dream of having an eternity ring to sit above the engagement ring to complete a full set! An eternity ring is given most commonly as a wedding anniversary present or to symbolise a special date and memory between the two of you. Generally, it is a ring that matches exactly to your wedding ring. However, this does not necessarily mean you must need one that is matching. As they say, each to their own. 

There are many factors to consider when purchasing three rings in a set and the most important one is to have them sit flush next to each other. At Janai, you won’t need to worry as we will be able to create pieces that are guaranteed to sit flush in premium quality unless you advise us otherwise - whether it be a completely matching set or a mismatched set. Book in your consultation today so we can provide you with our most professional service.

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