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Do you wear your Engagement Ring on your wedding day?

After tying the knot, both the engagement ring and wedding band find their forever place on the ring finger of your left hand. But during your wedding day when your groom is ready to place a new band on your bare finger, what should you do with your engagement ring whilst you exchange your vows?  

This common and often last-minute question catches many brides off guard as they prepare for their special day. 

Many will wonder, do you wear your engagement ring the day of the wedding, or leave it at home? If you do wear it, does it stay on your left finger throughout the ceremony? Do you give it to someone to hold until after the vows are exchanged? Should your husband place both the wedding ring and engagement ring on your finger as you exchange vows, or do you wait and put it on afterward at the reception?

Here, we’ll walk you through the traditional and practical aspects of handling your engagement ring during the ceremony and beyond. With so many rituals to observe on your wedding day, understanding what to do with your engagement ring can be one less thing to worry about.

During The Ceremony: Bare Left Ring Finger

Traditionally, your left ring finger should be bare during the ceremony. This is because during the exchange of the vows, your partner will place the wedding ring on this finger to symbolise your union.

Options for your Engagement Ring during the Wedding Ceremony

So, should you wear your Engagement Ring on your Wedding day? The short answer is yes, but there are some specific guidelines to follow to ensure that your engagement ring and wedding band both take centre stage at the right moments.

To keep your engagement ring safe and a part of your special day, here are your options:

1. Wear it on your right hand

You can wear your engagement ring on your opposite hand. After the ceremony you can easily switch it back to your left hand, placing it above your wedding ring. Many brides discreetly put their engagement ring back on just before signing the marriage certificates. This way you can wear the bridal ring set together - and not miss out on any photo opportunities!

2. Entrust it to Someone Special

Another option is to give your Engagement Ring to someone you trust, like a bridesmaid or a family member, to hold onto until after the ceremony. This way, your left hand remains free for the wedding band and your engagement ring is kept closeby. In this instance, you can place it back on your hand shortly after exchanging your vows to let it shine during your wedding reception.

3. Not wearing the Engagement Ring

If you don’t want to worry about your engagement ring at all during the ceremony, some brides prefer to leave it at home all together. Stowed away in a jewellery box safe and sound might be a smart option if you are particularly forgetful or clumsy. This is also a great option for those having a destination wedding. It will certainly minimise any risk of losing or misplacing the engagement ring whilst travelling.

4. Wear it on your left hand

You’ve been proudly flaunting your diamond engagement ring everyday since the proposal - and some brides just don’t feel right to not wear their diamond ring on their special day. With this option, it means during your vows your groom will place the wedding ring on top of your engagement ring and you would rearrange the rings after the ceremony (so your wedding band sits below). The drawback with this is that you are going against tradition and your wedding band won’t have its stand alone moment (it may be outshined by your engagement ring).

5. Ensuring maximum sparkle

For that extra sparkle on your big day, we recommend having your engagement ring cleaned as close to your wedding day as possible. Ideally, aim for a professional cleaning within two weeks before your wedding. This will ensure your ring looks its absolute best in all your wedding photos and sparkle brightly in front of all of your guests.

After the Wedding Day: What happens to your Engagement Ring?

Once the wedding celebrations are over, your engagement ring continues to hold its significance. It’s entirely appropriate - and indeed, quite common - for a bride to wear both her wedding ring and engagement ring every day for the rest of her life. These diamond rings are not only stunningly beautiful, but they symbolise the love and commitment shared with your partner. The engagement ring and wedding ring together also signify to the outside world your martial status - as a proud public display of the union between you and your loved one.

Other brides opt to wear their wedding ring by itself day-to-day and bring out their engagement ring for special occasions. It really depends on personal preference and your daily lifestyle. Practical reasons can dictate whether it is comfortable and appropriate to wear both your Engagement Ring and Wedding ring daily. Some brides for example aren’t permitted to wear jewellery at work, or spend a lot of time doing more physical activities such as gym, housework and gardening - in which it’s best to take off your rings and store your diamonds in a safe place. 
However you choose to wear them, your diamonds will last a lifetime and can be beautifully showcased on your finger from your proposal, wedding ceremony and beyond.

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