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12 Romantic Proposal Ideas in Melbourne

By Jemima Sung | August 2021 

Proposing to the love of your life is an exciting and beautiful experience that can be incredibly nerve wrecking especially if you are unprepared! Melbourne has various locations that are more than suitable for a memorable proposal. We have compiled a list of unique spots where you could pop the question.

 Australian winery with a cheese platter and white wine


If you and your partner love wine tasting then this may be the perfect place. Wine itself is romantic, so a combination of wine with your proposal is seriously passionate. You could have it in the vineyards surrounded by beautiful scenery or simply during a wine tasting session. There are endless wineries in Melbourne so make sure you do some research to discover which one would suit your aesthetic as a couple the most.

 Hot air balloon

Hot Air Balloon 

Surprise your partner with a private morning sunrise hot air balloon flight then surprise her again with your proposal while you are soaring through the sky and overlooking the landscape below. This would be an exciting and memorable experience if you both like a bit of adrenaline and have never participated in this activity before. There are a few locations in Melbourne where this is available including the CBD, Yarra Valley, Geelong, & King Valley. 

Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne, Australia

Royal Botanical Gardens

Exceptionally beautiful in the Spring, a proposal in the botanical gardens provides you both with a scenery full of bright colours and floral (just make sure you both don’t suffer from hayfever!). Imagine relaxingly strolling through the garden paths and listening to the sound of the breeze and birds. You could organise a chill and stress-free picnic then stun her with your marry me balloons.

Glamping holiday vacation Australia wine



Are you and your partner an outdoorsy couple? If yes, then glamping is one of the upcoming trends that you can’t skip on. It is a more comfortable way to camp and an alternative to traditional camping far in the wilderness. There are many venues available with cozy tents filled with a more luxurious space, bottles of wine, and a campfire where you can toast marshmallows. If you both enjoy the outdoors but don’t want to get muddy then this could be the happy medium! A proposal when glamping is less common so you could really surprise her this way. Click here for a popular spot for a lovely glamping experience.

Helicopter in the air above the Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Melbourne


Most definitely an unforgettable experience, a thrilling helicopter proposal is absolutely stimulating - regardless whether you choose to propose before, during, or after your flight. Just a tip: make sure you plan ahead and disclose your plans with the pilot so you have sufficient time to propose. Another thing to consider is whether your partner suffers from flight sickness as that could turn out to be disastrous. If she passes this then you are good to go! Imagine being over 1500 feet in the air and declaring your love for your partner. That is just breathtaking! (Be prepared and get your ring insured to avoid a crisis)

Grampians National Park nature reserve in Victoria, Australia.

Grampians National Park 

The Grampians National Park is a little ways outside of Melbourne but is definitely worth a shot. It is a nature reserve known for its sandstone mountains, wildflowers and Australian wildlife. Imagine finishing the long rewarding hike with your partner when the weather is beautiful and reach the scenic cliff views. You can pop the question while she's admiring the natural view.

Brighton beach Lined with colourful, Victorian bathing boxes, this popular beach is located in Australia

Brighton Beach 

Do you want a carefree way to propose? Why don’t you take her out to the infamous Brighton beach in the summer and go on a stroll on the sand while sharing an ice cream. This is a method that is healthy on the wallet and great for the hopeless romantics. Bonus points if the beach plays a significant role in your connection with each other.

Mount Hotham is a mountain in the Victorian Alps of the Great Dividing Range in Australia

Mount Hotham 

An all white proposal at Mount Hotham screams fairytale! You could go about this at two different angles - either as an elegant proposal that gives her a chance to feel like a disney princess or stay over in an igloo and bring out the playfulness in your relationship. Either way, it is guaranteed your proposal pictures will look mesmerising and unique (especially as snow is rare in Australia).

lavish proposal set up in an apartment with balloons and a marry me sign displayed

Aurora Melbourne Central

Are you after a proposal with aesthetic views of the Melbourne metropolitan while still keeping it private? The Aurora Melbourne Central is a luxurious apartment located in the heart of the CBD. It is sophisticated, modern and allows you to decorate to your liking. Some ideas are balloons, rose petals, candles, a bouquet of her favourite flowers, a bottle of wine and a cheese platter. With a theme and appropriate colour scheme this would be amazing.

Boat sailing on the South Yarra river looking onto the Melbourne city view

GoBoat Melbourne 

Have you imagined having a picnic on the river surrounded by skyscrapers all while being the captain of your own boat? This is especially romantic during sunset time during Melbourne’s summer nights. You just need to simply organise your own favourite snacks and alcoholic beverages. This intimate experience enables you to be in the middle of the city and still feel isolated from the big crowds! (Bonus is that it is pet friendly - bring your fur baby along with you to share your special moment).

Woman holding a Bouquet of roses

Scavenger Hunt 

A scavenger hunt is a fun, unique, and sentimental way to propose! It is a proposal that allows you to include your family and friends in on the excitement. You could have one selected person to stand by at each of your special locations all while holding on to her next clue that finally reaches you. Tailor each clue and location to your inside jokes or memorable moments and this experience will be unforgettable.

Rooftop view of the Melbourne city skyline with a lovely floral proposal arrangement and a marry me sign displayed with candles surrounding



Private rooftop proposals are foolproof! All you have to do is take her out to a nice dinner date beforehand where you both can dress up then take her to your pre planned rooftop proposal spot (she will never see it coming). You can easily find these proposal packages online as well that will help with organisation so you can solely focus on controlling your nerves on your special day.

3 thoughts on 12 Romantic Proposal Ideas in Melbourne

  1. avatar Sergio says:

    These are fantastic ideas, so well written and thought provoking!

  2. avatar Jane says:

    Hot air balloon <3<3<3 ~~~ that is my favorite one from the romantic proposal ideas list.

  3. avatar Allen says:

    Amazing ideas!!!

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