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How to Clean Your Engagement Ring

How to Clean Your Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Cleaning, Care & Maintenance

Over time from everyday wear, diamond engagement rings can lose their lustre and sparkle. To bring them back to pristine condition, taking your diamond jewellery to a professional for regular cleaning will guarantee a brilliant sparkle. There is nothing more alluring and captivating than a brilliant and clean diamond. Proper maintenance and care will ensure a diamond ring that glistens from every angle.

Many cosmetics and daily routines can diminish the sparkle of a brilliant engagement ring. Hand lotion, hand soaps, sanitizers, shampoo, hairspray, perfume, and oils can all leave residue and create a dull looking diamond. This also applies with cleaning products, cooking oils, general dust, dirt and debris. 

At Janai we want to ensure that your diamond sparkles just as much as the day you bought it. All that is needed is the smallest bit of care. You can help preserve the glistening stone by cleaning occasionally with a gentle wash and polish with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.


To clean properly, it is recommended to soak the diamond ring in warm water for 20 to 30 minutes once or twice a week with mild dish soap, and delicately brush the ring with a very gentle soft toothbrush, then rinse again with warm water. When drying, polish with a soft cloth or let it air dry. Avoid paper towels or tissues as they can scratch the metal.

It is recommended to take your diamond rings to our boutique for a deep clean to remove more stubborn dirt and debris twice a year, every 6 months. We invite our clients to the boutique for a complementary professional cleaning as often as they like for the lifetime of the engagement ring. Diamond rings can also be cleaned before a big event like an anniversary party to be extra eye-catching for the occasion.

For an active or outdoors lifestyle, it is more likely that a diamond will need to be cleaned more often.  Make sure that if your ring is knocked to bring it to the jeweller straight away to be inspected to check that the claws and setting has not been compromised. This prevents any stones from falling out, chipping or cracking, or other damage due to improper care. Bringing your diamond back to the jeweller that you purchased from means they are familiar with the ring and design, and they know the best way to care for it.

Whenever your diamonds are brought in for a clean, you will not only protect the lifespan of the jewellery but also receive a free inspection of claws and a tightening if needed. This maintenance avoids the need for a diamond to ever need to be completely reset. Please refrain from taking your diamonds to other jewellers/repairers so as not to void your warranty.   

Regular at-home cleaning is a good way to keep your diamond shining in-between these professional cleanings. It will remove everyday build-up of oil, dust, dirt and cosmetics that can reside on the stones surface. Cleaning also prevents discoloration of precious metals, prevents scratching of stones and can prevent skin irritation. Household cleaners such as chlorine, acetone, bleach or abrasives like baking soda or toothpaste should never be used to clean a diamond. They are too harsh and can scratch or even break down the precious metals in your ring.

At home you may also use an ultrasonic cleaner. These machines clean via ultrasound which generates millions of microscopic air bubbles into a water and cleaning solution mix which collapse and remove dirt and dust buildup. They are available to purchase from our Collins Street store to keep your engagement ring in mint condition.    

Other ways to care and maintain your ring include:
-Not touching your new diamond. We know it is tempting to touch your new engagement ring but placing your fingertips on the diamond leaves natural oils from your skin and can make the diamond look cloudy
-Remove jewellery before gardening/cleaning and working out
-Make sure lotion/moisturisers and sunscreen are fully absorbed before wearing jewellery
-Do not apply sanitizer while wearing jewellery
-Bring your diamond/jewellery to be checked twice yearly by our experienced consultants

By bringing in your engagement ring for regular cleaning and servicing, our diamond specialists at Janai can remove all traces of impurities and bring your ring back to its exceptional beauty. We are committed to offering excellent after-sales care to all of our clients.

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  1. avatar Marianne says:

    Just inquiring about purchasing your professional ultrasonic cleaner for my engagement ring.
    My friend purchased one from your store and said that it has worked wonders!
    If you could please let me know the price and also if you do shipping.
    Thank you.
    Kind regards,

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