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Taking Care of your Engagement Ring

Taking care of your Engagement Ring 

An Engagement Ring may be your first ever piece of fine jewellery and will surely be the most valuable of your collection. So naturally as bride-to-be you will have many questions about how to best take care of it, such as when you should and shouldn’t wear it!

There is a balance between showing off your stunning ring at every occasion and also making sure it is properly cared for. Diamonds and Gold are very strong and durable - but you also want to avoid any unwanted damage if possible.

We have put together a list of our brides most frequently asked questions to answer those common dilemmas.

How should I store my Engagement Ring when I’m not wearing it?
Whenever you are not wearing your ring, store your diamond in a jewellery box with a soft fabric insert (such as microfibre, velvet or satin) or fabric ring holder. It’s best to store your Engagement Ring separately from other jewellery so you avoid it being scratched by any other pieces in your collection. Getting in the habit of placing your Engagement Ring in the same place whenever you take it off is a great idea - then you will never have to worry about where it is!

Can Engagement Rings get wet?
Absolutely. Water will not harm an 18k Gold Ring or a White Diamond. In fact we recommend soaking your Diamond Engagement Ring every week in warm water for 20 to 30 minutes with mild dish soap to keep it clean and well maintained. For a quick weekly clean - use a very gentle soft toothbrush after the soak, and rinse again with warm water for an extra sparkle. 

Can I wear my Engagement Ring when I sleep?
Whether you choose to sleep wearing your Engagement Ring is all about your comfort and the individual design. If your ring has a high setting, it may snag on your bedsheets, hair or scratch you or your partner whilst you’re sleeping. Your finger may also swell from the heat when you are sleeping leaving you uncomfortable. If your setting is delicate and fragile the simple answer is to take it off and keep it in a safe place whilst you rest.

Can I wear my Engagement Ring in the shower?
Whilst you probably won’t do any damage unless the design has a porous stone (such as pearl or onyx), hygiene products can affect the sparkle of the stone if they build up around the prongs and smaller details of the setting. Better to be avoided if possible. Be mindful if you take a shower whilst wearing your ring, there is always the risk of it falling down the drain and you losing the ring.

Can I wear my Engagement Ring when getting ready?
Cosmetics, lotions and hair products can all leave a residue on your diamond making it look dull and lack-lustre. It is better to add any jewellery pieces as the last addition to your outfit when you are getting ready to ensure they glisten and sparkle as they should. Also nobody wants to be cleaning make-up from their Diamond Ring - you’ll thank yourself later if instead you put it to the side. 

Can I wear my Engagement Ring whilst at the gym?
It depends. If you are engaging in cardio such as running or spin class, low impact workouts like yoga or pilates, there is no harm in wearing your diamond ring. If your workout regime looks more like kickboxing or weight/resistance training, please do not wear any fine jewellery. The metal of the weights or machines against your ring can scratch the band of your 18k Gold Ring or worse loosen the prongs encasing the diamond. 

Can I travel with my Engagement Ring?
Traveling and wearing Diamonds overseas is a personal preference. Your destination and activities will determine whether it will be appropriate to take your Engagement Ring with you on vacation or whether it is safer to leave it at home. Check your travel insurance - see if you need to change the limit on your valuables/fine jewellery to guarantee you are covered in the unlikely event of loss or theft. Tropical Destinations can also cause the 18k Gold to tarnish due to the excess humidity. It can easily be polished away, but be aware that this can naturally occur to the ring with drastic changes in climate.

Can I wear my Engagement Ring when swimming?
We don’t recommend ever wearing your Engagement Ring at the pool or in the ocean. Swimming in cold water will shrink your fingers and risk you losing the ring.  If you do happen to forget to take it off - don’t worry! Just make sure to clean your jewellery after it has been in contact with the chlorine or salt water. Soak your Engagement Ring in fresh warm water and gentle liquid soap and use a soft toothbrush to remove any impurities. 



If you have any further questions about your Engagement Ring, please do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly team at Janai who are always here to assist with your purchase.  

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