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4 Things you must do AFTER you get your Engagement Ring

Keep reading below as we share our top 4 tips on protecting and preserving the beauty of your Diamond for years to come.

Insure your Diamonds

As soon as you leave the store it is important to insure and protect your new precious investment! Your Diamond Engagement Ring is a valuable purchase, so you want to make sure you are covered. Most Contents Insurance policies will provide a level of inclusion for your Engagement and Wedding Rings but won’t automatically cover the entire value. Generally they will pay out the loss up to a certain specified dollar amount. Enquire with your insurance company or broker about full coverage and ask if your Diamond is an extension that needs to be itemised and added to the policy. It is best to clarify all of the fine print details to assure you are fully covered against damage, loss or theft and be certain you are protected. There may also be special clauses to cover your Diamond whilst traveling or outside the home.

At Janai we partner with Q Report Insurance to cover Engagement Rings - a specialty insurance that focuses exclusively on Fine Jewellery. The process to set up a policy with Q Report is simple and only requires a few documents for an application (a receipt, photo, valuation, diamond/gemstone certificate). Q Report offers a more comprehensive coverage than a standard homeowner policy.  They provide worldwide travel cover, loss coverage, theft coverage, damage coverage, mysterious disappearance coverage, natural disaster coverage and allow you to replace the Diamond or repair damage with the same jeweller you purchased from. We always recommend Q Report for our clients for peace of mind.

Keep your Certification in a Safe Place

When you receive your Engagement Ring from us at Janai Melbourne you will receive a purchase certificate, a receipt and a GIA, IGI, GCAL or similar certification. The purchase certificate is a valuation appraisal, the receipt acts as proof of purchase and the Diamond Certification is a detailed analysis of your Diamond Ring. These certificates are convenient for your records for insurance purposes and to also verify the Diamonds authenticity. We recommend storing these documents away in an orderly fashion - in a safe place where you will not lose them.

You may download another digital copy online using the Laser Inscription number on the diamond, but if this is lost GIA, IGI and GCAL do not supply copies of these certificates. So in future if a replacement is required, the Diamond needs to be removed from the ring setting and sent back to the appropriate lab to be retested and re-certified. This will most likely ruin the ring setting as the prongs will be bent in order to remove the stone. It also involves a cost and a waiting time of a few weeks in order to provide new copies. Instead, this can be easily avoided by keeping your paperwork in a secure place.

Think of your documentation as part of the value of the diamond. Not only do they profile the individual details of your diamond (The 4C’s, clarity diagram, measurements and proportions) they also assist with your Insurance replacement value if you ever need to replace your ring.

Maintenance and Inspection

For general maintenance after you collect your Diamond Engagement Ring or Wedding Ring, we recommend you bring it back to our store at least every 6 months for cleaning and inspection. Otherwise, you can always clean your jewellery at home with our expert guidance. 

During this visit our consultants can assess the setting and check your centre stone. Our consultants may check the prongs are properly tightened and your Diamond is set securely in place. This is a preventative measure to make sure your ring is in good shape. This check can prevent stones from chipping, cracking or falling out due to improper care. If your ring is accidentally knocked, arrange to bring it in right away! Our team can inspect the ring and if necessary organise any urgent repairs such as fixing any loose stones or resetting. We pride ourselves on the craftsmanship of our rings and your Diamond should last forever.

Additionally, this bi-annual cleaning service will restore your piece back to pristine condition. At Janai we invite our clients for complementary professional cleaning as often as they like, for the lifetime of your Engagement Ring. This deep clean will remove any stubborn dirt and debris guarantee a brilliant sparkle.

Storage and How to Wear

We recommend storing your Diamond in a jewellery box with a soft fabric insert (such as velvet, microfibre or satin) or a fabric ring holder. Every Janai Ring comes with a beautiful ring box and we have jewellery boxes available for purchase in-store. We advise you to take care when placing your ring down in a box not to store it on top of other jewellery to avoid scratching! Your Diamond Ring deserves a place of its own. It not only protects your Engagement Ring but all of your other pieces too.

We also suggest you take off your ring during activities that risk losing the ring or risk any damage to the setting and the diamond. This includes things such as cooking, cleaning with an harsh chemicals, gardening, swimming, outdoor activities, sporting/gym.

If in doubt, take off your ring and store it in a safe place!


We hope these 4 tips help you take care of your jewellery and preserve the beauty of your Diamond Ring. We believe it is important to properly care for your valuable jewellery pieces and ensure they remain protected and in top condition for years to come. 

Janai Jewellery - Your Best Place For Engagement Rings In Melbourne!

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