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Diamond Wedding Ring Inspiration - Styles for every bride

Wedding rings Melbourne 
Diamond Wedding Rings for every kind of bride 

Choosing the perfect wedding band is a significant decision for every bride-to-be. Whether you decide on a timeless ring style or curate your own design, finding the wedding band of your dreams is easy at Janai! Diamond wedding bands are available in an array of diamond cuts, sizes and designs - with many options to compliment your engagement ring. 

For those looking for some wedding band inspiration - we’ve rounded up 5 beautiful diamond band designs below to help inspire you to find your perfect match.

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Everbloom Round Brilliant Diamonds

For the brides that appreciate timeless beauty, a refined wedding band with round brilliant diamonds may be the one for you. This super versatile style pairs seamlessly with almost every engagement ring design. We understand why many brides-to-be keep choosing a glistening row of small round diamonds, as the shape creates a harmonious and balanced look to compliment the brilliance of every type of engagement ring.

Our signature Everbloom style has a scallop setting to allow maximum light to enter within the diamonds in a design that is simple yet brilliant. Depending on your finger size and the desired total carat weight of the diamonds, the size and scale of the band will vary to achieve a seamless match. With round diamonds being the most popular engagement ring style, it's no surprise that they also feature in our best selling wedding ring too. This round brilliant wedding band remains timeless and is sure to stay stylish for many years to come.

Mixed Cut Diamond Band 

If you’re seeking something more unique, the combination of mixing two different diamond shapes together will give a fresh and contemporary appearance. The angular shapes of both pear and marquise diamonds pair harmoniously together to sparkle brilliantly and catch the light at every opportunity. Mixed cut wedding bands are stunning as well as feeling ultra special - because brides are in charge of the combination.

Alternating shapes such as pear, round, marquise create eye-catching wedding band designs. Most of our brides-to-be will intentionally design a wedding band that is more distinctive or a little more unusual to really express their personal style. The options are endless when it comes to diamond combinations. Often this is when the bride's creativity really shines through. We have crafted everything from two diamond shapes that pair neatly together for a uniform look, to purposefully mismatching 4-5 different diamond shapes and placing them at more unusual angles. The union of differing diamonds together lends to a modern look that really gives a wow factor. The mixed wedding band style is best suited to those who are after a unique design with a vibrant sparkle.

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Marquise Diamond Band 

For those looking for an enchanting and feminine style, a Marquise diamond band is an enticing option. This style of wedding band is ideal for balancing a larger engagement ring and adding some interest to the pairing. Marquise diamond bands work particularly well with solitaire styles or plainer gold bands, to add more dimension to the bridal set. 

Pictured, the orientation of the diamonds are in an east-west setting. Which is quite a romantic and feminine design. This design fits neatly nestled against the band of the engagement ring. Marquise diamond wedding bands are a subtle compliment to an engagement ring rather than stealing the show. For those who love the shape but want a little more impact we suggest changing the placement of the diamonds to a 45 degrees angle. This creates an entirely different and modern eternity look to create an incredibly beautiful wedding band. Either way, marquise diamonds have a charming quality with their vintage look and elongated shape. Sure to capture your heart, they are an ideal option for a dainty wedding band.

Oval Diamond Band

Brides-to-be that are searching for an ultra-modern option will be drawn towards an Oval diamond wedding band. Crafting the band in a north-south setting allows for more sizable diamonds. This setting allows for the most finger coverage for a wedding band and creates a bright sparkle comparable to your engagement ring. For those searching for a wedding ring to compliment and take a little less attention, an east-west Oval wedding band setting is a narrower and more dainty choice (think more of an updated take on the marquise band). 

Oval diamonds are magnetic drawing in the eye with their sleek silhouette. Their elongated shape compliments many engagement ring designs with their flattering shape. Depending on the chosen design, Oval diamond bands can also be crafted to sit flush or with more of a scalloped shape on the edge. Brides-to-be will capture the brilliant sparkle of a round diamond with the lengthening effect on the finger for a soft look. Oval diamond bands are perfect for those who love classic but want something a little different.   

Emerald Cut Eternity Band 

Those who gravitate towards more glamorous designs are sure to be convinced with an Emerald cut eternity band. Taking inspiration from hollywood stars and jetsetters across the globe, an emerald cut wedding band makes for an irresistible bridal set. Emerald cut diamonds are characterised by their linear faceting which accentuates their elongated shape.

The rectangular shape of the diamond results in a wider wedding band, creating maximum impact as a bridal set. These step cut diamonds are known for their hall of mirrors effect and flashing sparkle. It can be more of a dramatic look as this wedding band can be worn as a stand alone piece or anniversary ring. These wedding bands can be designed to fit together with the engagement ring for an elegant pairing. If you’re somebody who admires elegance and loves a bold statement, an emerald cut wedding band is for you. The clean lines of a step cut emerald creates a striking pairing you’re sure to fall in love with.

When searching for a wedding band to compliment your engagement ring, it is essential to find the perfect match. Exchanging rings during your wedding ceremony will forever commemorate your special day and mark the next chapter together as a married couple. Many combinations work beautifully together in harmony to create a glistening diamond bridal set. Whether you’re looking for a diamond band that blends seamlessly together with your engagement ring or a bolder look that holds its own, we can create your dream wedding ring.

Book your appointment with us below and to custom design your forever diamond wedding ring in Melbourne.

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