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Unique Engagement Rings for Your Perfect Proposal

When the moment arrives to make your lifelong commitment official, choosing the right engagement ring becomes a significant decision. This diamond ring marks the beginning of a new chapter, symbolising your intention to support and cherish each other forever. For many couples, a unique engagement ring perfectly captures the essence of their journey together and reflects the depth of their bond.

What is a Unique Engagement Ring?

Understanding what sets a unique engagement ring apart requires looking beyond the traditional norms. About 90% of engagement rings feature a single centre diamond set on a gold band - and the most popular by far are solitaire settings. In contrast, unique engagement rings break away from this convention, incorporating innovative design elements, unconventional gemstones, and bespoke details. These distinctive features not only make the ring stand out but also reflect the wearer’s individuality and the couple's unique taste and style. Attributes that ensure your engagement ring is completely personal.

Explore everything you need to know about unique engagement rings in our comprehensive guide below, ideal for those planning a proposal with an unforgettable symbol of commitment.

If you're looking to create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, consider these personalisation options for variations on the classic.

Custom Design and Innovative Design Elements

Add Smaller Diamonds

Add sparkle by integrating smaller diamonds on the sides of the engagement ring or nestled around or beneath your centre stone with a hidden halo. This enhances the ring’s overall brilliance, adds unique detail and works in harmony to intensify the sparkle of the centre diamond. It could be as simple as adding a row of diamonds along the band or a more bold and unusual placement of diamonds like a cluster design or an asymmetrical toi et moi setting.

Floral/Organic Designs

Incorporate nature-inspired motifs like flower petals or vines in the engagement ring design. These elements are ideal for those who appreciate natural beauty and intricate details. Nature Inspired Ring Designs can feature organic shapes and elements modelled from botanicals - using 18ct gold, diamonds, or precious gemstones. This creates beautiful floral inspired settings for a unique diamond engagement ring design.

Specialty Diamond Cuts

Opt for unconventional diamond cuts such as heart cut, crisscut, typhoon cut, flower cut, or hybrid emerald cut. These unique silhouettes and unusual diamond cuts will ensure your ring stands out. Some of these specialty diamond cuts are even 1 of 1. Meaning you’ll never find anybody else with your engagement ring design.

Non-Traditional Gemstones

While diamonds are classic, consider alternative gemstones like sapphires, tanzanites, tourmalines and rubies for a truly unique engagement ring. These vivid coloured gemstones provide endless options for personalisation to create a vibrant and unusual engagement style. The play of colors will add a dynamic element, making a gemstone engagement ring a true conversation piece.

Unique Engagement Ring Trends We’re Seeing in 2024

Bezel Settings

Bezel settings have been the most requested trend of the year. The clean lines and unadorned bands of these settings showcase craftsmanship and refined taste. Focusing on the quality of the setting and centre diamond instead of fussy details, Bezel settings also boast themselves as the most durable out of any engagement ring setting. With the centre diamond encircled and protected with 18ct gold through the minimalist design - this engagement ring style certainly remains unique.

East West Settings

An East-West setting refers to the diamond orientation (set at a more unusual horizontal placement, rather than the typical vertical orientation of the diamond) for a minimal and very unique engagement ring. Changing the orientation of the diamond in the ring setting is an incredibly simple concept - yet it results in such a striking and unusual design. East-West settings are quite divisive, producing many strong reactions. People love them or hate them and rarely in between.

Vintage and Antique Styles (Milgrain and Halo Settings)

Rings inspired by Victorian and Art Deco eras are timeless, holding significant historical and cultural value. A custom design allows the addition of those extra personal details to reflect your partners tastes. In 2024 we’re seeing many engagement rings modeled after heirloom rings, or purely inspired by the vintage allure of those centuries past. Adding details such as diamond halo for a touch of vintage glamour, we’re seeing many styles with an elegant presence.

Advantages of a Unique Engagement Ring

  • Personalisation: A unique ring expresses your individuality. Making the ring custom is the preferred option for many discerning customers. Allowing them to innovate their engagement rings and add their own personal touch to their designs.
  • Unique Appeal: When the engagement ring is made especially for your partner, it ensures your ring is truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Long-term Sentimental Value: A unique engagement ring holds more sentimental value than a standard ring. Your personal elements will forever be significant to both partners forever.

Choosing the Best Jeweller for Your Unique Engagement Ring

Selecting a jeweller experienced in diamonds and custom design is crucial. Look for a portfolio that demonstrates the ability to create unique rings that symbolise your commitment perfectly.

At JANAI, we understand the importance of crafting a unique engagement ring that represents your style. Our extensive selection of sample designs offers inspiration with around 5000 samples to choose from, or instead, craft something entirely original from your imagination.

Whether you opt for unusual engagement rings, unique diamonds, or any other personalised touch, the key is to ensure it represents you. Be involved in the design, decide your diamond shape, size, and silhouette of your unique engagement ring.

Fill out the form below to request your design consultation at JANAI today to create your own unique engagement ring in Melbourne.

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