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TRENDING: Bezel Set Rings

The revival of Bezel Set Rings is a testament to the sleek and minimal elegance. In the jewellery world that often races towards extravagance - the timeless Bezel design resonates with those who appreciate the quiet beauty of modern sophistication. The return of the Bezel Ring trend first began alongside the rise of the Old Money & Clean Girl aesthetic. Now after many trendsetters and influencers alike have worn this contemporary ring design, it is recognised again as an emblem of modern chic. The refined and paired back style of the Bezel setting complements diamond engagement rings, gemstone rings and eternity bands alike - and its reach has gone far beyond the social media trend. 

In this article we will explore a little about their history, unique features and give a glimpse into the reasons behind their growing popularity  - marking their definitive comeback for 2023/2024.  

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What is a Bezel Setting/Bezel Set Ring?

A bezel setting is characterised by a diamond (or other precious gemstone) being enclosed with 18ct White or Yellow Gold, creating a sleek border that surrounds the entire stone. This protective Gold border not only enhances the stone’s security but creates a distinctive modern and minimalist look to the design. The bezel settings smooth and contemporary lines make for a comfortable fit and a versatile choice for engagement rings, wedding bands, gemstone rings and dress rings. Bezel Set Rings are appropriate for everything from everyday wear to more formal occasions.

With Bridal Jewellery, the Bezel setting captures the essence of romance for an impactful style -  without the excess. Clients are drawn towards Bezel settings for their simple and graceful lines and the way in which they enhance the diamond. The sleek design frames the diamond in a way that emphasises their natural beauty. Bezel set rings provide a serene escape from extravagance of diamond bands and bold halos. It appeals to those who appreciate clean lines and minimalist designs.

Can they be customised?

Bezel settings may be more unstated, but they don’t have to be boring. We have crafted some beautiful sculptural and asymmetrical organic designs using the Bezel Setting. One of the unique advantages of bezel-set rings is the opportunity for customisation.
They can be created with a Half bezel setting or a Full Bezel setting. They lend themselves beautifully to any size or shaped diamond. Bezel settings look particularly interesting with gemstones or unique shaped stones to align with anyones own style. 

An example of a Half Bezel (with Teal Sapphire and 18ct Yellow Gold Band) 


An example of a Full Bezel (with Tanzanite and 18ct Yellow Gold Band)

Are Bezel Set Rings Practical?

Beyond the aesthetic charm lies a practicality that harmonises with the rhythms of daily life. The combination of form and function makes Bezel Set rings extremely desirable for those with active lifestyles or professions that require to be hands on.
The beauty of a Bezel Set ring is that the design has many practical considerations that contribute to the rising popularity. They are smooth to the touch and unlikely to catch on anything. Especially since many Bezel rings are set at a lower profile (the centre stone not raised as high above the finger) they are secure and sturdy. 

Bezels work incredibly well with both diamonds and more fragile stones as they conceal and protect the edges. The gold that encircles the stone adds a durability preventing scratches on softer gemstones - maintaining their lustre for longer than other settings.
The gold embrace around the stone provides an enhanced protection. Bezel settings are revered for safeguarding the precious diamond. With the edges of the stone sheltered, it largely reduces the risk of chips, scratches or damage from knocks. In turn meaning less frequent repairs and replacements by minimising the risk of damage.
The beauty of the design is that the centre stone is revealed from the top view of the ring. Bezel settings provide a practical luxury as the design offers longevity securely holding the diamonds in place. 

The history

The Bezel Ring trend is hardly anything new. Bezel settings have quite the historical significance with their rich history dating back to Ancient Civilisations. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks were known for incorporating bezel settings into their jewellery designs. The bezel setting's practical function of securing precious stones also had symbolic significance of representing protection and eternity.   

As with all fashion and jewellery trends, over the years this ancient style falls in and out of style in favour for more decorative ring designs (think milgrain and vintage style rings centuries ago and diamond encrusted rings featuring diamond halos and pave bands today). The cyclic nature of fashion has brought bezel-set rings back into the spotlight. Moving away from excess and extravagance. The simplicity of the design allows for the focus purely on the quality of the diamond/gemstone and secure and stylish way to highlight the beauty of diamonds and gemstones.

In conclusion

Whether chosen for their minimalist elegance or practical considerations, Bezel settings have firmly established themselves as a trend for 2024. The elegant yet minimalist modern look of bezel settings has contributed to their popularity particularly with Engagement rings and Wedding bands. Hard to deny their appeal with everyone from fashion influencers to celebrities flaunting their Bezel Set rings. With a commitment to minimalism aspiring to the less is more aesthetic.

We believe one of the key reasons for the resurgence of bezel-set rings is their versatility in design and functionality. The adaptability allows for clean lines and simple structure for a refreshing take compared to fully diamond encrusted Engagement Ring designs.
Bezel settings are chosen by those who appreciate their understated elegance. For those who prefer subtle sophistication over flashy luxe looks, the Bezel Setting and its sheer simplicity is an appealing choice.

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