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Trending: 'Old Money' Engagement Rings

The terms ‘Old Money’ and ‘Quiet Luxury’ have gained more than a billion views on TikTok. The fascination with this aesthetic is a movement towards a classic, elegant and refined style. 
It is typically associated with the upper class style from Europe and North America. ‘Old Money’ is defined by affluent individuals and families whose wealth has been inherited over generations rather than earned.

If you are looking to incorporate ‘Old Money’ vibes into your Engagement Ring, it is easy to achieve by embracing elements that lean towards the traditional. Staple ‘Old Money’ styles include Solitaire Settings, Trilogy Settings and Antique/Vintage Designs. Think nothing too bold or complicated and opt for minimal and conservative designs. The entire aesthetic embodies a preference for quality and excellence. Due to ‘Old Moneys’ affinity towards minimalism and focus on high standards, Natural Diamonds with Round Brilliant Cut and Emerald Cut feature heavily in these designs.

Below are sophisticated ‘Old Money’ Engagement Rings for you to consider for your design, and the signature elements of these styles.

solitaire engagement ring melbourne
Discover Classic Rose Engagement Ring (click here)

A refined style of a Solitaire truly embodies ‘Old Money’ and ‘Quiet Luxury’. The Classic setting puts the entire emphasis on the Natural Diamond to showcase its high grading and high quality.  
emerald cut engagement ring
Discover Jade Engagement Ring (click here)

Emerald Cut Diamonds reflect a sense of heritage as one of the oldest diamond shapes with origins dating back to the 1500s. With their minimal step-cut facets, Emerald Cut rings exemplify ‘Old Money’ style.

trilogy engagement ring
Discover Trinity Engagement Ring (click here)

Trilogy Settings are classic and timeless styles favoured by Royals (the ultimate Old Money families incorporate new diamonds with heirloom diamonds in their rings) 

Round Halo Engagement Ring
Discover Flore Engagement Ring (click here)

Antique style designs represent ‘Old Money’ by reflecting a sense of heritage. Keeping with tradition, this setting pays tribute to the previous era whilst adding some more detail and interest to the design. 

Emerald Halo Ring
Harper Engagement Ring (click here)

Vintage style settings that look like they belong to affluent estates carry ‘Old Money’ prestige. 

The appeal of the ‘Old Money’ aesthetic is undeniable. For those seeking to emulate this aesthetic, we suggest minimalist designs focusing on the highest quality Diamonds. Embracing designs that are elegant and timeless means you will be sure to own a ring that can be worn forever and never go out of style. Avoiding anything too flashy or flamboyant will ensure you align with the quiet luxury trend. ‘Old Money’ embraces substance over show, placing emphasis on investing in the most premium Diamonds set in refined/modest settings. The vibe of Quiet Luxury is a subtle and understated aesthetic that is immediately recognised as exclusive and sophisticated. A fitting option for an Engagement Ring that is made to be worn for a lifetime.  
Book your appointment with us to discover our fine collection of ‘Old Money’ aesthetic settings for your Engagement ring. 

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