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Engagement Rings Melbourne

Throughout the years Engagement Ring designs have transformed dramatically. Every decade brings a particular style that captures the hearts of many and becomes a true embodiment of the trends at the time. Designs are constantly evolving as brides-to-be are influenced by fashion, culture, celebrity and their friends/family. From the minimalism of the 90s, to the modern glamour, to romantic vintage and classic styles - the designs for diamond engagement rings are always varying.

It seems like this year we are seeing Oval solitaire rings everywhere, but that wasn’t always the case. Let’s take a look at Engagement Rings throughout the years to see how the styles evolved and which defined the trends of each decade.

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1990 - Marquise Cut
In the 90’s the marquise diamond cut gained immense popularity as the most sought after choice for Engagement Rings. Brides-to-be couldn’t get enough of this understated and polished design. And who can blame them when a marquise diamond flatters and elongates the finger and the shape creates the appearance of a larger looking diamond. With a strong shift towards minimalism and paired back styles, the streamlined silhouette of marquise diamonds ruled the 90’s engagement rings designs. Following the minimal trend, it would be common to see marquise cut diamonds with their elongated almond-shape and pointed ends set into sleek solitaire style settings. The marquise cut diamond epitomised the chic and clean looking styles of this era and firmly established itself as the trending engagement ring style.

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2000 - Channel Set bands
As we shifted into the new millennium, engagement rings featuring channel set bands had their moment. This prominent trend emerged in the 2000’s where women maintained the minimalist look and clean lines of the previous decade, whilst adding a little more bling to their designs. This was achieved with the addition of a diamond channel set band. Characterised by the beautiful illusion of floating diamonds within the band, channel settings feature diamonds set closely together enclosed by two metal walls on either side to hold them securely in place. It was clear everyone was besotted with shimmering borders, as we also saw the start of the diamond halo craze towards the late 2000’s. The channel setting ruled the styles of this decade as we saw designs remaining simple and sleek but also brilliant with this new diamond addition.

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2010 - Pave Halo Rings

The 2010’s decade of romance brought back a sense of vintage glamour with pave halo engagement rings. Pave settings are defined by their small diamonds set closely together with delicate metal beads. The particular design element became an obsession of many who were enthralled by the intricate diamond detailing. The 2010’s was also when diamond halos began to feature on almost every single ring design. When women discovered that placing a glistening border around the centre stone created the illusion of a larger diamond - there was no turning back. The infatuation with paves and halos didn’t stop there, one row of diamond pave wasn’t enough. It was common to see designs with multiple rows of pave diamonds in double halos and split shank bands. The romantic diamond pave also added some antique charm to the engagement ring design, which was very on-point for bridal style at the time. Brides adorned every surface of their rings with pave diamonds - firmly establishing the trend of the decade.    

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2020 - Solitaire Rings
The 2020s saw a shift with the resurgence of a classic solitaire ring. Identified by a single stunning diamond set on a plain gold band, solitaire rings became the new and coveted symbol of elegance. This trend is likely the result of lab-grown diamonds becoming increasingly popular and couples suddenly having access to much larger centre diamonds than ever before. As a consequence, engagement ring designs began to transform with the focus entirely on the quality and brilliance of the single centre stone. It’s an obvious choice since solitaire settings are the ideal design to highlight these higher carat weight diamonds. Instead of the bold and intricate details of the previous decades, there was a movement towards more subtle and concealed diamonds with hidden halos or diamond bridges. Placed out of sight underneath the stone so as not to take any focus away from the centre diamond, these understated details adorn many of the 2020’s designs. It’s clear that everyone has become hypnotised by this classic and brilliant design as it has remained in high demand by brides-to-be.     

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2023 - Oval Cut
For the past few years Oval cut diamonds have firmly cemented their place as the leader for the top trending engagement ring choice. This can be attributed to their modern appearance, versatility and flattering appearance. Oval diamonds provide the perfect balance between the brilliance of a round cut diamond with the elongated elegance of marquise cut diamonds. The Oval cut diamond gives a larger appearance per carat weight compared to other shapes and flatters the hand of the wearer by creating the illusion of longer, more slender fingers. Oval diamonds are a contemporary and fresh take on a solitaire design for feminine looking and timeless ring choice. Popular styles vary from solitaires, to three stone rings, to toi et moi or pave designs. It’s no surprise that they prove to be a beloved choice for clients as the current firm favourite with their variety and stunning beauty.

It is fascinating to see engagement ring designs transform and evolve as each decade brings a particular style influence that everyone falls head over heels for. Years previously we have seen minimal, glamorous and vintage trends that were all embraced whole-heartedly by brides-to-be and defined each era as the must-have engagement ring.

For those anticipating the next big design trend, predicting the future is challenging. With the classic solitaire style being the current obsession, we foresee more personalisation and unique designs to come. We expect to see more styles that reflect each couple’s own individuality and sentiment through one-of-a-kind pieces that feature bespoke details. Creating a custom ring with a sentimental value ensures the engagement ring will never go out of style as well as providing limitless design options to choose from. The most important thing is designing an engagement ring that you love. As each year presents new inspiration, we are sure couples will continue to embrace the ever changing trends as they seek to find their perfect engagement ring for them.

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