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What to expect after your consultation at Janai

creating your custom Engagement Ring in Melbourne 

After your initial consultation, our team will be in correspondence with you within 3-5 business days to elaborate on the concept of your ring design. Our follow up will establish the setting of your Diamond that will frame your masterpiece. This is the early stages of the idea of your Diamond Ring as it begins its transition into a reality.

On the day of your first appointment you would have developed the foundation for your Engagement Ring by securing your centre Diamond and placing a deposit. If you have further questions surrounding the individual characteristics of your diamond. This is the opportunity to ask about our consultants for these particular details such as specifications or more of a general explanation about the stone. Depending on the chosen diamond, a website link with a corresponding certificate and video will have been provided for your reference (typically for lab-grown diamonds only).

For those clients who sourced a diamond during their consultation, they are most welcome to arrange a physical inspection of their diamond once it arrives in-store.  Perhaps you wish to check the ratio/size/proportions of the diamond and examine with your own eyes to alleviate any concerns. You may request to arrange a booking on our website or get in contact directly with your consultant to organise a viewing.

It is likely during your first appointment that you either shared design inspiration images/videos with your consultant or were inspired by one of our sample rings for the design. This will form as the basis of your Engagement Ring concept. Your reference ring may have been a solitaire, side stone, halo, trilogy or vintage design ring alongside your preference of 18ct white, yellow, rose gold or platinum metal. It is common for clients to provide 2-3 inspiration images that present their idea and highlight certain design elements for their bespoke design. If the former conversation didn’t take place or you hadn’t reached a final decision on the style, then this is the time to commit to the ring design you have the most affinity towards.

At this stage clients will provide the reference images/videos or an explanation around what inspires their own custom design. Together back and forth with your consultant you can explore and customise every detail of your ring setting. Request design intricacies that have never been done before or slightly modify an existing design. There may be an exploration around the addition of incorporating smaller custom details in which you can discuss. Be as specific as possible - as this is the time where you really express yourselves in the ring and combine many design elements.

This is also the time where you will get a good sense of what is possible in terms of customisation and where you can unleash your creativity. Your consultant will guide you through the anatomy of your ring to tailor these features regarding the claws, bridge/shoulders/cathedral, gallery, accent stones and band.

Should you require guidance, our expert team can explain the creative details or differences between rings such as pros and cons of particular designs to point you in the right direction. Engagement rings are highly personal and reflect each individual's unique character and style, therefore ultimately the design is purely your vision and decision. Our team will happily provide advice and explanations surrounding the ring settings to combine your style and enhance your Diamonds unique qualities.

We encourage you to move beyond the ordinary and create something truly exceptional for your Engagement Ring.

When the design brief is finalised, this is the part of the process where your idea for the Engagement Ring really begins to take shape. Your consultant will assist in preparing these details into a brief for our hand sketch artists who will interpret your ring concept. This will be the opportunity to see all the angles of the design. These sketches map out all the proportions and details to anticipate how your ring will come to life. With these drawings you will see the overall elegant form as your idea is translated into a visual representation.

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You will receive a hand sketch that outlines four angles of your engagement ring design. Illustrating a view from above, the side profile, the side band and 45 degree angle/wearer’s perspective.  With these 3D drawings, you will begin to understand the structure and proportions of your ring for the overall look and feel. All of the custom details will be portrayed and drawn to scale. This is an important phase in the process in order to visualise your engagement ring idea and create a harmonious and beautiful design.

We strive to capture your vision immediately, however there may be further formative conversations to revise and adapt the design to truly match your vision and style. You will share in the collaborative journey as you provide feedback on your initial hand sketch and tell us any desires to adjust or modify the engagement ring. This is the opportunity to make any minor changes and fine-tune the design or perhaps add a small detail. These sketches reflect the framework of your Engagement Ring that embodies your inspirations and gives your vision a form. If at this stage you need any clarification, please ask our experts for further explanations of any details about the hand sketch. Our personalised attention and service extends far beyond the first consultation.

The timeline of this creative process varies. It is entirely dependent on whether you approve the initial design or require a number of revisions. Keep in mind that when you communicate a timeframe for your engagement ring our team will strive to accommodate your request.  

Before moving forward, your consultant will co-ordinate a final 3D CAD rendering to perfect the plan of the ring. The CAD drawing will be drafted to precise measurements and reflect exact specifications of your engagement ring. In the same manner as the hand sketch approval, your design consultant will send the 3D CAD rendering for your approval before proceeding with crafting the design. 

Only when we receive your consent is when we permit our jewellers to start creating the engagement ring. It is essential you fall in love with the design and are completely satisfied with the ring before it materialises. We aspire to create for you the perfect plan before we even think to begin crafting the ring. In the time following the client securing the diamond, approving the hand sketch and the 3D CAD render - the creation of the dream engagement ring can begin.

We appreciate that this time is both thrilling and nerve-wracking. The most difficult part of the process can be the anticipation. We ask for your patience as we create your ring with meticulous attention to detail without compromise. Our jewellers and diamond setters will begin to actualise your design.

Now that everything has been finalised, at this moment we can begin to bring the ring to life. 

Our skilled team pride themselves on executing your engagement ring with artful precision. Be assured that each and every ring commissioned is hand-set and perfectly polished.

Each unique Engagement Ring in Melbourne at Janai is hand set and crafted especially to your design.

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