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What to expect after you approve your custom design at Janai

After spending time immersing yourself in Engagement Rings, discovering the diamond of your dreams and discussing with us your masterpiece - you would have approved your overall design. Our team would have communicated with you via your preferred text or e-mail to make sure every detail aligns with your vision. You would have seen the concept of your custom design coming to life through our hand sketches/CAD drawings. Our consultants would have gone through any pricing considerations after each iteration to the design and provide you with an estimated timeframe for the completion of your ring during this time. 

Once these creative aspects are determined and approved by you, the crafting process begins for us to create something truly remarkable. With the diamond centrepiece of the engagement ring chosen and the design fully established and signed off is when our team really gets to work. Depending on the particular requirements and the complexity of your design, this process will take approximately 4-8 weeks from your final approval until your custom design ring is completed (with an average timeframe of 5-6 weeks) 

Our skilled team will begin to actualise your design to the precise specifications determined in the concept stage. We strive to achieve excellence in every ring so please be patient during this time and provide us with your trust whilst you wait. From customising the metal setting chosen to frame your centre stone to setting your precious diamond, all the refinements and personal touches will be brought to life during this time. The moment of anticipation will be heightened over these weeks as our craftsmen create the bespoke design.

Before you are ready to pick up the ring and visit us for this memorable occasion our team will answer any questions you may have about the progress of your Engagement Ring and anything you may be wondering about in regards to your Diamond.    

Our craftsmanship is defined in every aspect of the design, our team pour their passion into every detail to ensure your Engagement Ring is perfect. The signature craftsmanship extends beyond the design into the quality of each ring. We ensure your centre stone is set impeccably, every smaller diamond on the band is perfectly calibrated and the ring is perfectly polished and checked before your collection.  

After your ring is completed, our consultants will coordinate a time with you to schedule your appointment to return to our store for your grand Engagement Ring unveiling. This is the most exciting part of the process. We handle this moment with the utmost discretion as we are aware this is often a surprise for most of our couples. 

Collecting your Engagement Ring is not just a transaction, it’s a once in a lifetime experience. From the moment you step inside our store expect nothing less than our personalised service. We pride ourselves on making all of our customers feel welcome and at ease within our store and understand the importance of this precious moment. We invite all of our clients inside the Janai store as if they are entering a home to create a comfortable environment and unforgettable experience.   

For your collection appointment, upon your arrival your team will welcome you back into our store and be guided downstairs to our showroom once again. Our team will have carefully packaged and prepared your custom Engagement Ring. After you sit and get comfortable this is the moment of unveiling where you will be met with your beautiful diamond Engagement Ring. Your consultant will talk you through all the particulars of your ring and guide you through the details of your design. They will cover any further questions you may have surrounding your centre diamond and talk you through any refinements that were made (if any) to the design.

Our team will provide you with your GIA, IGI or GCAl certificate, purchase receipt and valuation after you settle any remaining balance on the ring. Please keep all of this documentation in a safe place for your convenience and insurance purposes, to verify your Diamonds quality and to assist with any future appraisals/valuations. These certificates verify your diamonds authenticity and profile the individual details about your ring

At the collection appointment you will admire and see your vision as a reality. Every diamond is set by hand in a way that is unable to be achieved by machine for superior quality. We invest love and care into your engagement ring to articulate your vision and bring your custom design to life. At Janai we are committed to preserving the exceptional quality of your diamond to create a ring with incredible symmetry, balance and proportions. Your Engagement Ring is a culmination of your ideas alongside our hand work, dedication and passion. 

You will receive a take-home card outlining care instructions on how to maintain your diamond ring - at Janai we offer complimentary cleaning for the lifetime of your ring each time you visit us. We recommend you visit us every 6 months after your purchase for an inspection of the ring to ensure its integrity and make sure your centre diamond remains safe and secure.   
We also advise all of our clients to take out insurance before they leave the store with their Engagement Ring. Should you require assistance with insurance for your diamond ring, your Janai consultant will be able to help arrange a policy with our trusted partner Q Report. We recommend taking out an appropriate type of coverage to protect your diamonds and provide peace of mind that you are covered in the case of an unfortunate event. Q report insurance policies covers against loss, theft and accidental damage to your diamond jewellery.    

As a client at Janai you can expect to leave our store with a custom masterpiece that embodies your unique love story. From the initial consultation to the final reveal, our dedicated team of experts collaborate closely to craft your bespoke symbol of love. It is a moment of profound connection and celebration and we take pride in being a part of the journey. We are honoured to have played a pivotal role in such a significant life event and be a part of the beginning of your beautiful union. As you leave our store with your custom Engagement Ring we are sure it will be a moment filled with many emotions. Ready to embark on your next exciting chapter of your life, your marriage proposal. 

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