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Preparing for an Engagement Ring Consultation

Looking to propose? Allocating a little bit of time in the lead up to your appointment with Janai will allow our consultants to serve you better and ensure you feel confident in bringing your Dream Diamond Ring to life. We asked our team of experts about Engagement Ring shopping and how best to prepare for the occasion.
We share everything below you need to know before your consultation! 

Diamond & Design Inspiration for the Engagement Ring

You’ve met the love of your life, and been speaking about getting engaged for a while now. Maybe your girlfriend has been dropping hints like sending you photos or links to Diamond Rings that she likes.

What is the shape of the Diamond Engagement Ring? Briefly familarise yourself with the different Diamond Cuts (Round, Cushion, Princess, Asscher, Emerald, Marquise, Oval, Pear, Radiant, Specialty) for ideas on the ring you envision.

Borrow inspiration from Instagram, Tiktok and Google. Make sure you save a few to bring in for your appointment! Or if you’re visiting as a couple, prepare some images/video that you have gathered to show our team.

“Bringing some inspiration along with you during your appointments such as photographs, screenshots or videos allows our consultants to prepare similar setting styles for you to try on and seamlessly recommend/combine design elements of those rings you love the most”

At the consultation you will be presented with different setting samples with a variety of details to pick what is right for you. At Janai we have around 5000 sample designs, so the more specific you are with your vision, the better!  Your Diamond Specialist will curate a smaller selection of samples for you to try when you have a Diamond Shape and style in mind.
We strive to cater towards whatever it is you love and to help you make the most of the custom-design experience.

If your partner is more discreet or you’re not quite sure, you can begin to pay attention to the jewellery they already wear as a starting point. Does they wear Yellow Gold or White Gold? Does they wear bold statement pieces or intricate delicate jewellery? What is their style? Are they glamorous? Are they minimalist? Answering these questions before your consultation will assure you have a concept in the design you choose. We advise you to narrow down your concept so you don’t get overwhelmed or make a choice out of panic.

Timeframe - your Consultation and Proposal Date

The consultation at our boutique for a custom-design will take around 90 minutes. Considering the nuances between diamonds takes a little time. Differences between each Diamond Ring may seem subtle in the beginning. However the cut, clarity, colour and carat greatly affects the overall look and value of the ring, Our Diamond specialists will walk you through everything you need to know about Diamonds and Precious Stones to educate you on all of these factors.

“Choosing your setting and trying on samples is an intimate part of the shopping experience. It ensures you love the proportions and feel confident in your bespoke design on your finger. Clients may want to compare differing sizes of the same design to best suit the proportions of their hand, or decide between a lower or higher setting. The devil is all in the details, an Engagement Ring is a piece we want you to love and wear every day.”

Also consider your timeframe for when you are planning to propose. Beauty takes time. Typically a ring will take 4-6 weeks to complete from the initial consultation up until you collect your finished sparkling Diamond Ring. So before you book an appointment please allow an appropriate amount of time for our Master Jewellers to create your masterpiece and bring your vision to life.  

Needing something sooner? Those wanting a ready-made ring may choose from our curated collection in-store and may only require a simpler re-size.  

Decide on your Budget

A ring at Janai is designed with the idea of your budget in mind. Proposing should be an exciting time to be swept away in the romance and excitement - so you should spend what you feel most comfortable with! Getting your finances in order is a great place to start to become clear on your desired spend.  De Beers popularised the three month salary rule - however the choice is up to you based on your own values and priorities!

Preparing yourself with an Engagement Ring budget will assist in your decision-making process. Tailoring your dream Engagement Ring within your budget expectations means our consultants can align your vision.

“Our Diamond Specialists will find an exquisite stone suited to all of your requirements. Our team will source the loose-stone based upon your individual specifications.”  

Placing a deposit during your appointment will be necessary to secure the Diamond of your choice and begin the bespoke process of the ring production to bring your dream to life. From super savvy to super extravagant, there are no guidelines as to how much you should spend. This figure should be whatever is best suited to your goals and lifestyle.

The Outcome 
In the lead up to your appointment with us these small preparations will ensure you know what you love and trust your vision. The Engagement Ring Design should be something you find yourself going back to time and time again. There are so many design options, so many different price points, and so much information to learn about diamonds. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through every step of the way. They will provide you with all the information you need to know about your Design, Diamonds, Gold and the timeframe it will take to create your precious Ring. Everything you need to create a brilliant bespoke ring for your proposal! 

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