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The Hidden Risks of Buying Diamonds Online

Diamonds are symbols of everlasting love and luxury. With the rise of e-commerce and almost everything available at your fingertips, even engagement rings and fine jewellery pieces are purchased online. Although browsing online is a great way to get inspired and begin the journey of finding the perfect ring, there are many hidden risks that every buyer should be aware of. Keep reading to find out why buying diamond engagement rings online may not be the best idea and why in-person purchases are preferred for the most precious piece of jewellery you will ever buy.

Lack of Personal Inspection 
Unlike many other products you buy online, diamonds are unique and distinctive in their appearance in a way that is difficult to capture digitally on camera. Each has their own characteristics regarding colour, clarity, cut and carat weight that greatly affect how they look as well their value. Photos and videos may not accurately depict the stones true brilliance, meaning you run the risk of receiving a diamond that looks vastly different from what you anticipated when ordering online. A camera doesn’t capture poorer quality milky or hazy diamonds, similarly it is difficult to show fire and lustre of high quality diamonds. Only an expert eye will know exactly what to look for. Certificates only tell you so much about a diamond. Two stones with the exact same grading can appear considerably different when physically placed side by side.   

For such a milestone purchase it is recommended to visually inspect the stone in person to understand its true beauty. Even if a diamond is adequately represented online, sometimes it still isn’t appropriate for you. We suggest you view proportions of the shape and size on the finger and decide if it's suitable for you. This way you can physically see a diamonds true brilliance and ensure you walk away with an exceptional stone.  

One of the drawbacks of purchasing diamonds through online platforms are the disparities between the stones. Many online retailers have stock images of diamonds and rings that do not necessarily match what you are purchasing. We have seen the same video uploaded on multiple different diamond listings and on occasions the wrong information/descriptions on websites. Some online sellers even advertise diamonds that do not exist to lead customers towards a far lower quality stone. This leaves many discrepancies between the diamond you believe you are buying versus the one that arrives after you order.  

How can you be sure the image or video is in fact the diamond/engagement ring you are buying? Without a personal inspection there isn’t any real accountability that the diamond pictured/in the video is the same as the description.
Viewing a diamond first hand in-store removes the risk of being misled and ultimately ending up disappointed. It allows you to view a loose diamond before it is set into your Engagement Ring and see exactly the size, quality and sparkle. It also enables you to cross-check the laser inscription with the matching lab certification to authenticate the diamond. It can be challenging to verify the authenticity of diamonds online based on a description only. We have seen Lab-grown diamonds disguised as natural and many inaccurately graded diamonds (if even certified at all) which proves troublesome for uneducated buyers. An obvious but often overlooked risk of buying diamonds online is receiving what you paid for. Diamonds advertised for an usually low price may be inauthentic or a misrepresented product. Usually when something appears too good to be true, it is.

Limited Expert Guidance
Guided explanations and comparisons surrounding the differences in cut, clarity, carat (measurements & ratios) and light performance do not exist online. Which is quite unsettling considering these are all the characteristics that greatly affect the overall brilliance and dictate the value of a diamond. Unsuspecting buyers can easily be misled by a listing that resembles a high quality stone, where in reality the diamond is dull and lifeless. An example of this may be a diamond with undesirable ratios or unfavourable inclusions. In this situation a diamond's certificate/descriptions/videos will show no evidence of a poor quality stone but in actuality the diamond will have no fire/sparkle or worse exhibit dark spots/haziness. Online retailers can entice buyers by giving the impression of a brilliant diamond without a full and accurate depiction of its true appearance. 

Avoid any disappointments of paying a premium for a lower quality diamond and give yourself the opportunity to examine a stone from every angle. Visiting a fine jeweller allows you to be guided by a diamond specialist who can explain all the subtle nuances of the diamonds and communicate with you all the important factors that influence the value of the stone (such as cut, light performance, fluorescence, ratios, the size and position of inclusions). This will assist you in finding exactly what you are looking for and ensure the diamond purchased truly represents the beauty and quality you are seeking. Shopping in-store gives you the opportunity to ask questions, have the grading process explained and compare real life diamonds to help you make an informed decision. 

Lack of Customisation/Personal Details
Online Retailers are unable to offer a truly personalised ring and memorable experience. The transaction can be uninspiring and restrictive when there are limited design and diamond options available. Especially when customers are generally confined to the small range of generic rings (most online retailers have about 20-30 designs to choose from) and have little options (if any) surrounding customisation. This can make it challenging to find the perfect diamond ring that aligns with your style or create anything truly unique. 

Alternatively, creating a bespoke design in-store allows you to personalise absolutely everything about your Engagement ring. For such an intimate piece of jewellery we understand it's incredibly important to have the opportunity to express yourself through whichever design you choose - as buying a diamond ring is an emotional and deeply personal experience. Creating a custom design in-store makes it possible to tailor every detail to your desires and be involved in each part of the process. From the style of the setting, shape of the claws, addition of hidden halos or peekaboo stones the in-store experience allows you to create a unique Engagement Ring that will be one of a kind. 

Limited Personalised Service/Aftercare 
Reputable jewellers provide excellent after service and customer support. A diamond is forever but engagement rings do require a little maintenance and care. With a piece that is worn daily, we recommend returning to your jeweller around every 6 months for a professional clean and an inspection of the claws for a check and any tightening if required. A store visit is also necessary for any future ring resizing or polishing. Majority of our clients will resize their ring at least once in their lifetime after their purchase. If you buy your ring online from interstate or overseas, this aftercare can prove difficult if this service is even offered at all. It is wise to exercise caution with online purchases and be aware aftercare is not a straightforward process. Resizing your diamond with an online retailer can be complicated and time consuming, requiring you to post the ring back to their location. This likely incurs a cost for postage shipping/insurance not to mention stress and time of this process. A lot of local jewellers won’t touch a ring they haven’t crafted themselves (so as not to risk any damage to the piece). If you are looking to resize, or for another reason aren’t happy with your ring online/have any warranty concerns this can lead to many potential frustrations that could leave you with a substantial financial loss or an unwanted diamond.

Although we understand how enticing it may be to purchase your Engagement Ring online, for such a sentimental purchase we recommend making this purchase in-person. Buying a beautiful Engagement Ring should be a memorable experience where you feel assured and confident with your purchase.

Opting for the traditional route of buying in-store ensures you receive exceptional service, expert guidance and most importantly inspect a diamond’s brilliance with your own eyes. An in-person buying experience to ensure you get the best value for money and a genuine diamond you are happy with for an exquisite Engagement Ring. This way you can be assured your diamond truly represents the beauty, quality and enduring value you seek. 


Visit us in-store to begin creating your dream Engagement Ring today! Fill out the booking form below to request your consultation at JANAI. 

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