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How To Tell if your Diamond is Natural or Lab-Grown

How To Tell if your Diamond is Natural or Lab-Grown

Lab Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds both have the same chemical structure and physical properties. When both are real diamonds, it can be extremely difficult to differentiate between the two types without getting an expert involved. It is essential that a Lab-Grown diamond can be identified as there is a significant difference in price, sometimes up to 70 percent less compared to a Natural Diamond.

For the discerning consumer, ensuring the origins of your Diamond are important. Not only to guarantee the quality and value of your purchase, but also for ethical and environmental reasons.

By examining the stone under a microscope, a skilled gemologist will be able to distinguish whether it is Natural or Lab-Grown by looking for tiny amounts of nitrogen within the Diamond. Traces of nitrogen within a Diamond will signify that it is natural. This is impossible to recognise with the naked eye as Lab-Grown and Natural Diamonds are identical in appearance. 

Advances in technology allow for an efficient way to determine a Lab-Grown versus a Natural Mined Diamonds with machines.

Watch our short Instagram Video Below to see our Machine Testing Lab-Grown and Natural Diamonds 

Laboratory Testing Machines 

Our latest technology in our showroom detects instantly whether your Diamond is truly natural or lab grown. At Janai we have a laboratory-grade machine that can test any Diamond instantly. This will determine whether the stone is a naturally mined Diamond or a lab-grown Diamond right before your eyes. When multiple stones are placed within the machine, a red colour will indicate the lab-grown diamonds and a blue colour will indicate the natural diamonds.

This makes the process of buying a Diamond simple as any stone can be deciphered immediately without any need of sending your Engagement Ring to a qualified independent appraiser or to a lab for further testing. This latest technology machine can scan every stone such as smaller side diamonds on the shoulders of a band or within the Halo not just the centre stone correlating to a Certificate. Certified Diamonds refer to the larger centre stone, this machine will test every single diamond in the Engagement Ring.

Laser Inscriptions & Grading Certificates

For the second layer of confidence every Diamond Engagement Ring purchase will be accompanied with a grading certificate stating the diamonds origins as Natural or Lab-Grown by independent assessment. This certifying process displays all the fine details within a written report to ensure the quality and origins of the Diamond through analysis by the lab. Diamond certification evaluates the Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat weight of the diamond. Reputable labs such as GIA, IGI, and GCAL provide these reports to guarantee transparency about the Diamonds and establish their gradings.

In these gem laboratories the certificate generated will verify that the Diamond has undergone testing and assessment.  This will confirm the stone as either Natural or Lab-Grown Diamond and also show any treatments. These gradings explain the quality of the Diamond and establish peace of mind for consumers.

Under a microscope, certified Centre Diamonds will also show a laser inscription of a number that corresponds to their certificate. GIA holds these records in their archives, meaning that if you ever misplace the certificates you can still ensure your stone's quality  - and guarantee your stone matches what you are paying for.

With this in mind, a quality diamond should be purchased with confidence.  At Janai we guarantee your sparkling diamond origins whether you decide on Natural or Lab-Grown Diamonds. Visit our expert team of jewellers and to discuss which option is right for your Engagement Ring. To book an appointment for a custom-design ring please fill out your details below. 

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