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High Set or Low Set Engagement Rings?

Finding the perfect style for your forever ring.

Creating the perfect engagement ring involves more than selecting your ideal diamond. It also entails choosing a ring setting that complements both the centre stone and the wearer’s style. One of the key decisions is whether to opt for a high set or low set engagement ring. An engagement ring profile describes how high or low the diamond is elevated in the setting. If the base of the diamond appears very close and almost flush with the base of the setting it is considered a low set ring, if the base of the diamond is elevated with space and light beneath it is described as a high set ring.

The placement of the diamond creates a distinct style as well as intensifying their captivating sparkle. Each setting has distinct differences to consider when choosing an 18ct gold or platinum setting.

So what are these differences exactly? And which is best for your diamond ring?
Keep reading as we explain below.

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High Set Engagement Rings

Elegance and Presence 
High set Engagement rings are admired for their majestic appearance. Elevating the centre stone draws the most attention to the diamond, making a strong focal point. A high set diamond will prominently showcase and will capture the gaze of many. It is ideal for those who desire a ring that exudes opulence and want to make a statement. 

Enhanced Sparkle 
The elevated position of a diamond within a high set Engagement ring allows light to enter from multiple angles, allowing for maximum sparkle and brilliance of the stone. The higher and more open the design of the setting, the more it will emphasise the fire and scintillation of a high quality diamond. Raising the diamond high off the band allows them to capture and reflect as much light as possible and highlight their brilliance. 

High set engagement rings offer the greatest versatility with design. Intricate designs and side detailings such as hidden halos and peekaboo stones are able to be incorporated into high-set styles, to add a layer of sophistication to the overall design. They also allow the most variance of choice when it comes to pairing a wedding band. The higher the diamond sits within the ring allows for more space for a wedding band to sit flush. This is a very popular aesthetic to wear both the Engagement ring and wedding band flush together for a seamless look. An added bonus is this space also allows for larger diamonds within your wedding bands or anniversary/eternity bands. You will not be limited with your wedding band design with a high-set ring. 

While high set rings offer a stunning aesthetic, they may not be the most practical choice for those with an active lifestyle. The elevated setting may be more susceptible to catching on surfaces and can be more vulnerable to being knocked during various daily tasks. It’s essential to consider your day-to-day activities and job requirements to decide what is practical for your daily life. Many take off their rings and store them safely if they have a job that is very active or hands-on. 

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Low Set Engagement Rings

Subtle and Understated
Low set engagement rings create a subtle and understated look that keeps the diamond close to the finger. This style of engagement ring is ideal for those who prefer not to attract as much attention and want something elegant and understated in design. Low set rings also offer the most protection for the centre diamond - especially those that feature an enclosed setting such as a bezel style.  

Timeless and Classic
Many vintage style engagement rings have a low set styles. The simplicity of these setting allows the beauty of the diamond to shine without necessary distractions. This style is perfect for those who appreciate a traditional aesthetic and favour intricate milgrain designs. Low-set engagement rings in this vintage style particularly complement elongated marquise and pear shaped diamonds giving a beautiful look reminiscent of a bygone era.  

Comfort and Practicality
The lower the profile of the ring contributes to its comfort and practicality. Those individuals with active lifestyles and jobs that involve frequent use of their hands may find a low set engagement ring more suitable and less likely to interfere with their daily tasks - meaning they won't have to take it off. A low-set Engagement Ring is very practical for everyday wear. Low set Engagement Rings can be referred to as 'rub over' design, describing a style where you can rub your finger over the ring and they are unlikely to catch on anything.    

In the end the choice between a high set or low set engagement ring ultimately comes down to personal preference and lifestyle. Whether you choose the regal allure of a prominent high setting or the understated elegance of a lower set design, the most important factor is choosing a ring that reflects your unique style. 

At Janai we custom design your Engagement Ring exactly to your style and each diamond specifications. Fill the form to book your appointment with us below. 

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