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The Art of Fine Setting - Placement of the Diamond

The Art of Fine Setting - Placement of the Diamond

Many customers pay close attention to the quality of their centre stone. Undoubtedly this is the most valuable part of the ring and makes up on average 75%-80% of the cost. Therefore it is vital to frame your Diamond flawlessly in the perfect placement, by a setter with expertise. A clever balance of symmetry in the smallest details achieves a ring that looks elevated and refined. 

A Diamond setter is a technically advanced position that requires great patience and skill. Their job is to mount the precious Diamond or Gemstone securely into the Ring Setting and enhance its beauty. They maintain the integrity of the ring by being concerned with the structure and the security of your main diamond as well as any other smaller stones in a halo, coronet, or the band. It takes years to master the techniques of Diamond Setting and execute the finest craftsmanship. Quality diamond setting is time consuming, it may take anywhere from one hour to ten hours for more intricate pieces.

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The Main Setting/Mounting holding the centre stone secures your investment and determines whether a Diamond Ring is of impeccable quality. A Master Diamond Setter is an integral part of this process. Adapting slight details in the setting will exhibit a remarkable sparkle and flatter an exquisitely beautiful diamond, or forever detract from the brilliance if placed in an imperfect setting.

Avoiding misalignment in Diamond settings protects a diamond from damage or becoming loose. Diamonds are incredibly strong and hard, but not invincible. Evenly distributing the spacing and tension of the claws creates a steady and stable Diamond Ring. Therefore setting a diamond in a way to lessen any chance of being knocked out of place. Diamond Setters execute the ultimate ring by determining how high or low to set the main stone. The ideal position is to reflect the maximum amount of light and intensify the brilliance of a Diamond. They decide the proportions of the claws and frame the stone with impeccable placement. This can be achieved in many ways with both straight or curved claws.  Each Diamond Ring is a piece of art, all claws grip the Diamond and are evenly balanced, not too wide or heavy, and sit flush with the precious stones. Spaces between stones encourage movement and snagging on fabrics, as well as limiting the brilliance of the stone.  

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It is a Diamond Setters responsibility that a Diamond is positioned at the correct level and set straight. A refined engagement ring displays a perfectly flat table of a diamond (the top of a diamond angled at 180 degrees).There will be no gaps around the ring, every angle will look straight and in harmony, the main stone will be placed perfectly in the centre. A diamond set too high or unevenly can appear unsteady and floating, it may be more susceptible to chips and cracks in this position as the grip is unevenly distributed. Therefore this delicate process must be well-executed to maintain the ultimate light return and the security of the diamond.  Claw settings require excellent symmetry and balance. Each claw should be exacting in size, placement and width to produce beautiful rings from a design perspective and for strength and integrity. Each setting should provide harmony between the symmetry and tension of the setting. This technical skill and aesthetic refinement will assure no dull or lifeless diamonds.

A Diamond Setter holds a great responsibility in regards to the beauty of the Engagement Ring, a poor skilled setter will highlight the imperfections of a diamond, compromise the security of the stone, and even alter the appearance of an otherwise beautiful diamond. 

There are many subtle details to keep an eye out for with Diamond Setting to determine how sophisticated the finished Ring will be. A well set ring will look and feel more expensive and compliment the diamond(s) to highlight their beauty.

The exact calibration of smaller diamonds will compliment the centre stone and highlight its beauty. Each diamond along the halo or band should also create unity and be set meticulously and evenly. All of the smaller stones also require a similar amount of attention, the side stones, the shoulders of the band and/or the pave-stone settings.Pave/Shoulder diamonds should all be matching in colour grade and size, as to display a uniform appearance and not be mismatched. The side stones require an even and straight distribution along the band to maintain consistently - which is easy on the eye. Stones differing in spacing, type of placement, size or colour will forever distract. The quality of a ring will be revealed in these minor details.

At Janai our talented Diamond Setters execute Engagement Rings with high precision. Our commitment to quality rings is expressed through the patience and care taken by our skilled team. We consider each Engagement Ring as a graceful creation, unique and special. At Janai we have a full-team of skilled Diamond Setters, Jewellers, Diamond Buyers and Passionate Sales Team to provide the ultimate craftsmanship when bringing your vision to life.  

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