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Celebrities have recently reignited the trend that has been around for centuries. Bold and Coloured engagement rings are back and here to stay.

The popularity of sapphire, tanzanite and emeralds have skyrocketed in recent months, with engagement ring trends gravitating towards striking colours and more unique designs. This is both due to their rarity and also because of their unique and vivid colours (parti/teal sapphires never have two of the same stones, with their patterns always striking and varying).

parti sapphire

These eye-catching gemstones compliment many outfits and skin tones with endless combinations and styles. Contrasts between Rose Gold and Purple, Yellow Gold and Green and Teal and White Gold create a modern and unexpected take on a traditional diamond ring. The contrasts of these precious metals against Australian Sapphires and Tanzanite complements these impressive stones and creates a truly unique engagement ring. The differences in tone result in gemstone shades that appear richer and bring out the brilliant hues of the centre stone.

Mix with classics and neutrals for a more contemporary approach (think pink diamonds with white diamonds) or create the unexpected with bold contrasts and one-of-a-kind statement pieces.

Whilst it might feel like a modern trend for engagement rings, coloured gemstones have been popular for centuries. A gemstone’s sentiment and symbolism can add a sense of nostalgia to an already incredibly personal piece of jewellery. Vintage styling or resetting an heirloom stone can give an extra emotional connection to the engagement. 
princess Diana ring
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Multi stone rings are able to break the tradition of solitaire and single centre stone engagement rings. Instead the combination is a sentimental pairing. Combining birth stones, or sentimental stones. A true example of romance and attachment relating to the love between a couple.

Precious coloured gemstone engagement rings ensure you will shine bright with a distinct and special design.

For more inspiration explore our TERRA collection of limited release Australian Parti & Teal Sapphires here. Bold and vivid gemstones with awe-inspiring patterns defined by the elements. Each of our stones exhibit the earth's natural artistry with distinctive and breath-taking colour combinations. The TERRA collection are true masterpieces showcasing Australian Sapphires with glistening diamonds. Mined from Central Queensland these converted gemstones are ethically sourced and a perfect option for your engagement ring.

Alternatively book an appointment with our team at Janai to design your own custom-made piece. Fill out the form below to find out more. 

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