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Engagement Ring Designs we would NEVER recommend

When it comes to Engagement Rings, more than appearance matters. Our team often sees inspirations for designs that look exceptionally beautiful but aren’t very practical. There are some ring designs that are simply more high maintenance and vulnerable than others. A lot of designs are more suited to dress rings worn occasionally, rather than Engagement Rings worn daily. Although all diamond pieces are precious and should all be properly cared for, we never recommend designs that are extra fragile and more of a liability!

This is why we would never recommend these designs to our clients.

Very dainty bands (They bend and wear away more easily)
Especially thin bands on Engagement rings are admired as they give a delicate and feminine appearance with a centre diamond that appears to be floating on the finger. These slim designs are fine to look at, however they are not very durable over the long-term. Wearing a very dainty band requires you to be extra cautious with how you wear your ring. With harsh knocks or pressure, skinny bands may easily bend out of shape.

After years of wear a dainty band will become more high maintenance. As the band wears down they can feel sharp and uncomfortable and will require the addition of extra gold. Or worse, the band may crack and break at the thinnest point and require a repair or entire remake to restore the ring.

Dainty bands also limit the designs you may choose for your Engagement Ring. Very slim bands won’t have enough space for any intricate or complex designs and the addition of many diamonds. There are also less wedding band designs that pair in harmony with overly fine and dainty engagement rings.

Alternatively, you can have the appearance of a finer design with the strength and integrity of a more substantial ring with the clever use of proportions. Tapered bands are an ideal solution for this. They begin quite slim surrounding the centre stone and gradually become wider towards the base of the ring. These bands work wonderfully to highlight the centre diamond with a more delicate look as well as being sturdy and strong. Our most popular signature rose and tulip designs feature tapered style 18ct gold bands.

Very delicate claws (Your diamond won’t be secure)
Claws keep your Diamond firmly set securely in place. They also act as a barrier of protection against the edges of the diamond (which are more susceptible to scratching or cracking). The thinner the claws, the more vulnerable they are to bend and the diamond more likely to be damaged or to fall out. A diamond is of significant value and deserves to be protected! It is everyone’s worst nightmare to one day look down at their Engagement Ring and notice that a diamond has fallen out and is missing. There needs to be an appropriate amount of gold surrounding the diamond in order for it to be properly safeguarded. This way the ring maintains its strength and integrity and ensures the diamond is secure.

We understand that you want the diamond to be highlighted and shown off as much as possible! Rings can still provide this exposure in a way that is fundamentally strong and stable when they are artfully set to allow maximum brilliance of the stone. In actuality, highly polished white gold claws will act like mirrors to reflect and enhance a diamond's sparkle. So there is no need to worry about them covering or blocking the stone. Having a design featuring a high profile claw setting where the Diamond sits in an elevated position will allow light to hit every facet and a diamond to sparkle bright.

When the claws are too petite and delicate, only partially cover the edge of the stone, or a tiny single claw is shared between two diamonds they become more vulnerable and the diamonds at a higher risk of falling out.

If this all sounds confusing, don’t worry. Our in-store jewellery designers can educate around whether a 3, 4 or 6 claw setting is most appropriate for the design. Some diamond shapes like Cushion Cut can even be crafted with 2 claws each corner so as if there is ever a knock or damage to one of the claws it will prevent the diamond from ever turning and falling out.

If your ring begins to snag on clothing or hair it usually means one or more of the claws have moved or raised a little. In which case it is time to bring it back to a professional jeweller for assessment. If the claw has simply moved, the jeweller can reposition it and reset the stone so it is properly gripping the edge of the diamond. If the claw has worn away at the top and is flat or no longer cradling the stone it can be re-tipped. If it has become too brittle or bent beyond repair it may require a replacement claw or even an entirely new full setting.

Full eternity or pave bands (They cannot be simply resized)
Having a band with diamonds going the entirety of an Engagement Ring means the ring cannot be easily resized. To adjust an eternity band generally requires the ring to be entirely remade and the diamonds to be recalibrated. When sizing up, it will require an additional cost and time as an extra diamond (or two or three) of the same size/shape/colour will need to be sourced and crafted into the ring.

We only suggest these stunning full eternity bands when you are fully aware of the limitations in resizing them. Eternity rings may be a better choice for anniversary rings or dress rings. That way they can be worn on different fingers if you ever gain weight or lose weight and this won’t become an issue.

A desirable way to achieve the eternity look for your Engagement Ring is by selecting a design with diamonds halfway or three quarters of the way around the band. This option brings you the best of both worlds, the appearance of endless diamonds whilst still allowing you the flexibility to resize without having to entirely remake the ring. It is the simplest solution for those who love the full bling diamond band style.

With a touch of gold on the base of the band there is the added bonus of durability. Most of the wear will be on the underside of your ring and when crafted from gold any scratches or marks can more simply be buffed out, polished or replated.    

Designs featuring soft gemstones (They can be scratched and damaged easily)
Our team won’t recommend Engagement Ring designs that feature gemstones that are high maintenance and fragile. Pearl, Amber, Opals are all beautiful options for occasional wear in dress rings but are not suitable for day-to-day wear. They are too soft and can very easily be scratched and damaged. These softer stones lend themselves better to earrings or pendants rather than Engagement Ring designs. Pearls for example are very high maintenance. They need to be wiped down after every wear, cannot be submerged in hot water, they are extremely sensitive to heat and chemicals. A lot of everyday products such as soaps and cleaning products can easily dull and destory them by damaging them.   

Diamonds are the hardest and most durable of any precious stone. This makes them an ideal option for Engagement Rings and everyday wear. Diamonds are by far the most popular and widely used stones in the jewellery industry. They are synonymous with lasting forever as they are one of the strongest elements on earth.

If you desire a pop of colour or a gemstone that is more unique we suggest Sapphires, Spinels and Rubies. Any gemstone with a Moh’s hardness of 7-8 or greater is suitable and a brilliant option for an Engagement Ring. We have seen many alluring designs combining sapphire and diamonds together for some absolutely breathtaking results. Choosing one of these stones will allow you to have a ring that is truly individual that is also durable.

In conclusion
At Janai, we have seen and brought to life thousands of Engagement Ring Designs. We wish for all of our clients to walk away with a beautiful piece that lasts a lifetime. We will always recommend designs to our customers that not only look spectacular but are suitable for everyday wear. Let us just preface that there is nothing wrong if you absolutely love and wish to choose these elements in your designs. Just please be aware of the potential risks. Designs that are extra fine and dainty, or incorporate soft and fragile gemstones will require you to show extra amount of love and care whilst wearing! They are very delicate and need to be worn mindfully. If you are unsure, ask our Diamond Specialists. Our experienced team will be able to assist and advise with your Engagement Ring design to guide you and develop a beautiful ring that fits your lifestyle.  

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