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Before you buy an Engagement Ring in Melbourne

Things to consider before making your most important jewellery purchase in your lifetime - an Engagement Ring

An Engagement Ring is a beautiful piece that will last forever. We know it’s common for our customers to pick a design that they love and educate themselves about the quality of diamonds, but many often overlook the finer details of the setting and structure of a ring.
Make sure you look out for these important details before buying your Engagement Ring to ensure the quality is impeccable and you are not staring at a poorly executed ring for the rest of your life.

Pay close attention to the structure and symmetry of your ring.
Inspect the quality of the setting/prongs. Are they symmetrical? Are they the same size/shape? Are they perfectly polished? A skilled jeweller/diamond setter will hand-craft each of these details to perfection. Not all settings are created equal. Engagement Rings can be mass-produced on a large scale by global retailers, or created by apprentice-level workers where these integral and intricate details can easily be overlooked or not finished to the highest of standards.

six claw engagement ring

A four/six claw setting should be perfectly symmetrical and each prong all the same shape/size. This may appear obvious but it is something we often see go wrong. When the claws are not located in the right position the ring will forever look off and in some scenarios even affect the appearance of your diamond shape. It doesn’t matter if your diamond is flawless, if the setting isn’t harmonious it will immediately be degraded. Some claws may be thinner/thicker than others, different sizes, or the placement will not be perfect. Time and care should be taken in the craftsmanship by expert jewellers and diamond setters so that the ring is masterfully constructed to achieve a perfect symmetry. Place the ring flat and inspect the thickness of the band. Is it even all the way along? Is the placement of the main Diamond perfectly centered? Does the setting sit straight on the band?

This impeccable attention to detail will also allow your bridal set to pair perfectly in future when your Engagement Ring is worn next to a Wedding band.  A poorly set Engagement Ring can mean that your wedding band will not sit flush. When your bridal set is worn together the form and fit will be undesirable and uncomfortable, there may be a gap in between your engagement ring and wedding ring and even worse they will scratch each other when worn together. 

diamond engagement ring

Checking the band

Smaller side diamonds and pave bands should also be neatly set to maintain their brilliant sparkle and ensure they are firmly in place. Look closely and see, are the placement of the diamonds immaculately spaced and set correctly? Each diamond along the band should be perfectly calibrated to the millimetre. This precision and detail contributes to the integrity of the band, keeping the diamonds securely in place. Just because these smaller diamonds are not the centre piece does not mean that they should be compromised on quality. It is important that all of the shoulder diamonds and pave stones are secure.

Gold and Polish
The mix of precious metals and polish will reveal the quality of an Engagement Ring. It is essential to have metal-based alloys that do not contain Nickel. As well as looking worn and stained quickly, Nickel allergies are common and can irritate the skin of the wearer. The last thing you want is a ring you cannot wear consistently. The colour of Nickel metal alloys also isn't white by nature, meaning over time rings that contain nickel will gradually change and reveal hints of yellow as they wear. The best option is an 18k White Gold combined with palladium based alloys. Palladium is hypoallergenic and allows an 18ct White Gold Ring to retain its bright white colour, staying pristine for longer. At Janai we use New gold with every engagement ring. We also use precious metals that contain no Nickel.

Observe the polish of your setting to check that it has been highly polished at every angle. The interior of the setting should be, as diamonds are highly reflective and will interact with the setting like a mirror. A perfect polish makes your diamond look 20% whiter and brighter.

diamond wedding set

The Final Result
The final result of your Diamond Engagement Ring is a work of art that requires passion and expertise. At Janai our team of jewellers/diamond setters have over 35 combined years of experience, each diamond is hand-set by our expert team with an impeccable attention to detail.
We have a full production team of experienced artisans, investing endless hours into workmanship. We believe every customer deserves perfection and an Engagement Ring of unrivaled quality.

To book your appointment with us to create your bespoke Engagement Ring please fill out your details below. 

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