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Tracr™ Diamonds have arrived at Janai

At Janai we sell diamonds that are registered on the Tracr™ blockchain platform. Tracr™ is the world’s only distributed diamond blockchain that starts at the source and provides tamper-proof assurance at scale.

Tracr Assured. Registered from source on the Tracr blockchain.

DTC Diamonds
Diamonds from DTC are discovered in Botswana, Canada, Namibia and South Africa. DTC diamonds are sourced in alignment with the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) Due Diligence Guidance. It is fully compliant with the Kimberley Process (KP), which was established in 2003 to eradicate the trade in conflict diamonds and is supported by governments, diamond industry participants, customs authorities and civil society groups.

It is important to know the positive legacy of your diamond - where it came from and how it was sourced. Buying a diamond from DTC means it was discovered in one of four countries - Botswana, Canada, Namibia, or South Africa - where it was verified as conflict-free through the Kimberly Process.
DTC Natural Diamonds making a positive impact.

Every Tracr Natural Diamond
1. Is conflict-free and meets world-leading ethical standards for sourcing
2. Has been verified as natural by the manufacturer as shown on the grading certificate
3. Was discovered by DTC in Botswana, Canada, Namibia or South Africa.
4. Was discovered with a focus on environmental responsibility and protecting the natural world.
5. Has supported communities where it was discovered through education, livelihoods, infrastructure and healthcare programs.

Best Practice Principles
All sites where diamonds from DTC originate comply with the rigorous standards of the Best Practice Principles (BPP) assurance programme, which covers business, human rights, social, environmental and mining risks. The BPP programme is based on the requirements of national law, and recognised, proven and established standards, such as the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standards. All operations must complete a self-assessment annually against the requirements and host regular audits by third-party verifiers.

Making a positive impact
Each diamond is recovered in a way that respects and protects people, the environment and the communities around where the diamonds are sourced.

Buying a diamond from DTC means it was discovered in one of four countries – Botswana, Canada, Namibia or South Africa – and it has been verified as conflict-free through the Kimberley Process. Your diamond was sourced in alignment with the OECD’s due diligence guidance which provides detailed recommendations to respect human rights and avoid contributions to conflict. It has also undergone additional independent verification to ensure it was discovered in a way that respects and supports people and environment where it was found.

Diamonds are a finite resource that are inextricably linked to the health and prosperity of the communities around our operations. DTC works with partners to transform the finite resource below ground into infinite opportunities above ground. The purchase of this diamond supports ambitious targets for improving health, education and livelihoods within host communities. It also helps support a focus on providing opportunities for women and girls, including entrepreneur development programmes and training in the sciences, helping to diversify economies and ensure communities continue to thrive long after the last diamond is discovered.

A diamond is a unique expression of the power of the natural world. Working with diamonds at their source inspires a deep respect for the planet and all its awe-inspiring creations. Biodiversity, climate security, water balance and society wellbeing are all interlinked, so a diamond purchased through DTC supports a comprehensive programme of work across these critical areas such as helping protect and manage land for conservation, and harnessing innovative technologies to work to reduce emissions and freshwater use.


We are delighted to offer Natural diamonds registered with Tracr™ for your Custom Engagement Rings. At Janai we are committed to sourcing premium Diamonds that reflect social and environmental responsibility.

For more information about
Tracr™ Diamonds we invite you to visit us in-store where our Diamond Specialists can educate you about DTC blockchain registered diamonds. 

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