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Behind Botswana: the “Gem of Africa”

Botswana Natural Diamonds

Botswana the “Gem of Africa” is renowned for Natural Diamonds, often referred to as the richest diamond mine in the world. The geological location is abundant in mineral deposits and diamond reserves. Since the precious stones were first discovered in the area in 1967, the mining, cutting and polishing of Diamonds have supported the livelihoods of millions of people. Botswana produces around 10 million carats of high-quality diamonds each year as the world’s largest producer - leading the industry with their ethical and environmentally sustainability initiatives.

The capital city Gaborone, is the epicentre of a thriving diamond industry that has had a profound impact on the country’s economy and its people. The Natural Diamond sector has transformed the lives of many, in particular supporting Women to become expert diamond cutters and polishers. Botswana has the highest percentage of Women-owned businesses in the world and the Natural Diamond sector contributes a largely significant 33% of Botswana’s entire GDP.

Amongst the Botswanian Diamond Trade, women make up almost 80% of the workforce. The industry has provided these women with access to education, training and employment opportunities that have greatly benefited Gaborone city and greater communities.  Through training and development these highly skilled workers are now expert diamond cutters and polishers, resulting in Women being able to produce exquisite diamonds and receive fair wages in compensation to support their families. 

Botswana diamonds

As responsible members of the diamond trade, state-of-the-art factories have been built from the ground up in Garbrone, Botswana, combined with the latest technology and a highly skilled female workforce. These ultra modern facilities provide a safe and comfortable workplace for thousands of women. Extensive training programs from experts and master craftsmen provide practical guidance to staff members, able to impart their knowledge on various aspects of best practices and manufacturing processes to their teams. All contributing to women expanding their skill sets and producing some of the best quality diamonds in the world.

The Diamond trade has also provided Women in Gaborone entrepreneurship opportunities, to start their own businesses in related industries such as jewellery design or production. Grants and support are offered to entrepreneurs focusing on businesses that help build the future of their communities within the Diamond Industry. This financial assistance aids in Women establishing their companies and building their own successful careers. The Diamonds Do Good Entrepreneurship Grant Program has supported young businesses making a lasting positive impact on Botswana.

Diamonds Do Good is a non-profit organisation founded to support community development programs. Their programs include access to education, economic opportunities and health care. The organisation strives to ensure Diamonds are sourced in a responsible and sustainable manner. This extends to responsible mining, protecting the environment and fair working conditions for employees. Large part of their mission is to advocate responsible and sustainable practices of mining and production - promoting accountability and transparency around the origins and processes involved in production of Natural Diamonds.

natural diamonds

The origins of production extend to the ‘Cut & Polished Botswana’ initiative. Suppliers are now providing assessment of their Diamonds - measuring the quality and grading the stone based on the 4C’s that they cut and polish. A card that tells the story of each precious stone accompanies every diamond produced to reveal the provenance and grading. Provenance and transparency within the supply chain ensure the ethical sourcing and uncover the natural diamond’s full journey.

The government of Botswana supports the growth of the Diamond Industry and is dedicated to promoting economic activity by advocating education behind local sorting, cutting and polishing industries. The Diamond market has made a positive impact on the communities in which these Women live and work. Supporting investment in infrastructure, social programs and education to improve the lives of the local community and improve their quality of life. Diamonds are not only a resource but proved to be an opportunity to help ease poverty, lack of education and work opportunities. 

Sustainability initiatives remain at the forefront of the government's attention to protect the land to maintain this thriving Diamond industry and ensure its future.  In the centre of the Kalahari Desert, Botswana is Home to some of the largest areas of wilderness and amazing wildlife. 40% of the land remains protected under conservation to protect the environment and support sustainable practices. A significant portion of Botswana’s land conservation efforts preserve natural habitats for a diverse array of wildlife (elephants, lions, giraffes and many other species) protecting their national parks for future generations.

natural diamonds Botswana

The role the Diamond industry plays in Gaborone and greater Botswana's communities cannot be underestimated. The importance of the natural resource to the country's economy and the global diamond supply is monumental. Botswana is continuing to be renowned for their ethical and sustainable practices, making them popular among consumers who are mindful of the origin and transparency of production for their diamonds. 

At Janai we promote ethical and sustainable Mining and Production practices. Our knowledgeable team is here to educate clients around Natural Diamond provenance and the positive impacts from the Diamond Industry in Botswana. Our team will guide you on how to select the best natural diamonds - to create the perfect engagement ring that is right for you.  

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    Your post on the behind-the-scenes of Botswana’s gem industry was an eye-opener. The pictures and insights you shared about the diamond mining process in Botswana were fascinating, and the history of the industry was enlightening. Thank you for bringing attention to the country’s gem industry and the people behind it. To learn more click here –

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