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Janai & Diamonds Do Good

Diamonds are always in high demand, whether it is for engagement rings or precision cutting tools, it is an extremely sought-after commodity. However, what some people do not realise is that diamonds are now contributing to the development of global communities.

Janai has been creating top of the range jewellery for the past 35 years, providing hand-crafted custom designs from sketch artists, diamond setters, and jewellery designers to create the most beautiful pieces.

Diamonds have long played a role in human history with couples seeking a beautiful diamond to symbolize the start of their journey together. Just as finding a beautiful diamond is part of the journey, building prosperous communities should be too. Diamonds Do Good Empowerment Fund supported by the international diamond industry is a global nonprofit organisation whose mission is to support initiatives that develop and empower people in diamond communities worldwide.

For example, when Kimberlite pipes and subsequent diamonds were found in the tribal regions around Lac de Gas lake, 200 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle, Dominion Diamonds did far more than simply mine the precious material. They engage with the communities and learn from them while offering training programs, partnerships, employment, and even wildlife conservation to the area. Thanks to Dominion Diamonds, the local area will retain its beauty for years to come, and the local people will have a steady source of income and education

The richest diamond mine in the world was founded in 1982 in Botswana, at the edge of the Kalahari Desert. Botswana has since been transformed by the diamond trade, with a 50-50 partnership between the government and the diamond miner De Beers. Before diamonds were mined in the country, Botswana had low literacy rates, widespread poverty, and an average per-capita income of just $83. The fortunes of the local people have been transformed with the introduction of a steady trade, jobs, and education.

Boitshoko Kebakile grew up in Lesotho in an abusive home, with arts and design her only escapism from an unfortunate childhood. She eventually returned to her birth country of Botswana to go to high school, while exploring jewellery creation in her spare time. It was while she was at university studying a double major in international relations and applied economics, that her jewellery businesses kicked off after fellow students began to ask her where she got her products from. This eventually led to Boitshoko setting up her own business, House of Divinity, a brand that has been boosted by the Botswana diamond trade. She now works hard to ensure that her products are all sourced and made ethically while aiming to empower young people in Botswana by bringing them on board.

These are just a few stories, but there are thousands more like it. The Dalumi Group are supporting the children of the S.O.S Village orphanage in Botswana, by providing enough money to house and cloth a house of nine children, as well as provide them with medical care, school supplies, media attention, and anything else they may need. Leo Schachter giving back to the local area in Botswana by offering jobs and much-needed health care, including a graduate training scheme. The Diamond Empowerment Fund has been providing African youth with access to higher education since 2007, paving the way for an educated and empowered generation of youngsters in the continent. The list goes on and on.

Diamonds are not only a resource, but an opportunity to help ease poverty, illness, and a lack of education and work. Janai is supporting and partnering with an organisation that is leading the way in community development ventures, making a difference in the present and the future. If you want to support the same cause, and help improves lives across the world, contact us.

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