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Introducing Tracr™ Diamonds at Janai Melbourne

Introducing Tracr™ Diamonds at Janai Melbourne

At Janai we are proud to announce we are selling diamonds that are registered on the Tracr™ blockchain platform. Tracr™ is the world’s only distributed diamond blockchain that starts at the source and provides tamper-proof assurance at scale.

We are delighted to offer an exclusive range of certified natural diamonds registered with Tracr™ for your bespoke engagement rings.

Tracr™ delivers the seamless use of technology to support a digitally-connected industry that is fit for the future. The Tracr platform assigns a unique digital identity to each natural Diamond (Tracr ID), to maintain a digital record of your Diamonds Journey. This secure digital registry shows evolutionary information about each DTC Diamond’s transformation. Featuring 3D scans of the rough through to polished stone, alongside a detailed grading report.

tracr diamond

Tracr™ provides proof that your Diamond is a natural DTC Diamond with origins in Botswana, Canada, Namibia or South Africa and that it is sourced in a conflict-free and ethical manner. 

At Janai, we understand the importance of traceability, and always promote transparency of ethical and sustainable natural Diamonds.
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