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Romantic Holiday Proposal Ideas in Melbourne

Romantic Holiday Proposal Ideas in Melbourne

Whether you’re planning an elaborate proposal or something more low-key, Christmas and New Years in Melbourne is an incredibly romantic time of year.
In fact, these two dates are actually the most popular days of the year to propose! 
There is something extra magical about the festive season. In addition to having more time to spend together with your loved one, being surrounded by all of your family in the one place creates a strong sense of intimacy. The Engagement Season begins around the December holidays all the way up until Valentine's Day, meaning the upcoming months ahead are sure to be filled with lots of love and celebrations. 
If you are planning a charming Holiday proposal for your soulmate, be sure to keep reading below to be inspired by our festive proposal ideas:

A light-up proposal 
Candles and dimmed lights always set the tone for a romantic evening. Spelling out the words “Marry Me” in Christmas Lights, Lanterns or Candles is an incredibly beautiful spectacle to ask your loved one to marry you. We suggest some flowers and champagne for the perfect set-up and to add an extra touch of luxury.  

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Wrapping the Engagement Ring as a Gift 
Imagine the beautiful moment of surprise as your fiance-to-be unwraps their present Christmas morning and is met with a breathtaking Diamond Engagement Ring. There are memorable Christmas gifts, and then there are precious memories your loved one will never forget!  Keep it intimate and personal by focusing on your love as a couple or gather your friends and family together to share your special moment. 

Your First Date Restaurant 
Recreating your first date together is incredibly sentimental and romantic. For a quieter proposal, take your sweetheart to the restaurant where your love first blossomed and ask for a private table ready to get down on one knee. Just make sure to book in advance as reservations fill up quickly over the holidays!

Fairytale Sunset 
Sunset is always a d
reamy setting for a proposal. The mystical atmosphere makes an ideal time for your intimate moment. A quiet stroll together in a secluded spot to watch the sunset together may be the perfect moment to surprise your partner with the ring! This proposal does not have to be low-key, you could set up a romantic picnic with blankets, cushions and a basket full of delicious food and drinks. 

New Years Eve - When the Clock Strikes Midnight

The excitement of the New Years Eve countdown in anticipation for the midnight fireworks makes for a spectacular atmosphere. As the countdown begins you can drop to one knee to propose during the magic of midnight. Start the New Year by telling your partner how much you love them and how you want to spend the rest of your lives together and begin the new year engaged! 

Romantic Getaway 
With so many festivities and parties around this time of year, perhaps your personality is more suited to a relaxing holiday. A getaway for the two of you to spend some quality time together and reconnect alone will set the scene for a picture-perfect proposal. Arranging decorations staying at a resort with bouquets of flowers, candles or photos will be truly memorable.  

Rooftop Proposals

An intimate approach creates great photo opportunities for your once-in-a-lifetime moment. Admire the view from a rooftop or balcony with your loved one without distraction. Using a city, beach or mother nature as your backdrop will make the perfect setting for your proposal. Get creative with some sensational decor and create the scene. 

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