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Preserving Romance: Embracing Tradition with Hand-Sketched Engagement Rings at Janai

Once a fundamental skill of all jewellery artisans is now a rare and elusive talent. Before the advances of technology and sophisticated CAD software every jewellery designer relied solely on their imagination and drawing skills to bring diamond visions to life. Now in a predominantly digital era, the ability to hand sketch is only utilised by a select few in the industry. Hand-sketched illustrations add soul and the element of human connection to every Engagement Ring design. It is an intimate phase of the design experience to relay your conceptual idea before it is brought to life.

At Janai, the creative process begins as a collaboration and an exchange of ideas. Sketching is an intuitive process that evolves through conversations by sharing imagery and ideas. Together during this collaborative process, our expert team at Janai will interpret our clients' vision and translate the Diamond Ring into the form of an illustration. Sketching is a professional skill taking years to master, it isn’t meant to compete with the digital era with computer-aided drawing but instead serve as an addition to the design process.

A sketch is evocative. It is an expression of artistry that adds a personal touch of romance and charm to the Engagement Ring design process. The hand sketches will develop based on the clients reference images and ideas, nurturing the vision and expressing the concept into this set of three-dimensional drawings. It enables our clients to see the overall form and proportions of their ring prior to its creation. The illustrations encourage a strong understanding of the prevailing scale and perspective of the Engagement Ring and smaller design details and intricacies.

engagement ring sketch

The illustrations demonstrate four different main angles to show each perspective of the ring.
These hand-sketches are extremely effective in communicating how the Engagement Ring will appear, with the most important being the perspective of what you will see on your hand.  
A hand-sketch leaves room to adjust and refine design details of the Engagement Ring.
As design evolves and the client edits the details, the illustrations allow for total clarity of the design.

Once refined and the concept is finalised, the hand illustration acts as the foundation for the digital renders. This is where the traditional meets the technical. Moving into the development phase the team at Janai will utilise 3D CAD Renderings now that technical detailing and precision is required. Complex designs will be produced to scale to achieve a high level of accuracy when crafting the ring. 

For contemporary jewellers the act of hand drawing is often a bypassed step in their creative process. At Janai we preserve the human element and value the authenticity illustrating your Engagement Ring design by hand. It is essential to reflect the charm and romance of the creative process as the hand-sketch becomes a personal and meaningful keepsake.  

engagement ring sketch

The technique of hand drawing reminds us of the skilled craftsmanship and significance of human connection within the design. The method of hand sketching each Ring resonates with our Clients who receive beautiful perspectives of their Engagement Ring. Allowing them to visualise the idea before it is crafted and create a deeper connection to their design. These inspiring sketches elaborate on your concept to give an essential understanding of the intended design.

At Janai, every Engagement Ring is hand-sketched as part of the creative process. These charming illustrations show all angles of the Ring design concept before it is brought to life. Our skilled team will work to transform your idea, capturing the essence of your vision. Hand drawing holds a special place within the jewellery world, we wish to forever preserve this traditional skill.
From personal touches to thoughtful detailing, Janai creates the ring of your dreams

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