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4 REASONS WHY every Engagement Ring NEEDS a hand-sketch

At the heart of creating a custom-made ring is the concept. A vision waiting to be realised and become the Engagement ring you’ve always dreamed about. But without a definite plan in mind to materialise this idea, it will forever stay trapped within the confinements of your imagination. 

This is where the hand sketch is a pivotal moment, the beginning of the transformation where the Engagement Ring design comes to life. This detailed drawing will serve as the foundation for any Engagement Ring. Just as a home requires a blueprint to navigate the complexities of the build and construction - an Engagement Ring requires a sketch to navigate the intricacies of crafting and design.

Being incredibly charming as well as practical - there is much more behind the unique hand-sketch service. So, here is our list of 4 reasons why you need a hand-sketch with your Engagement Ring

A hand-sketch allows couples to collaborate with a team of skilled designers to create a truly unique and personalised Engagement Ring design. It allows you to integrate design elements that are meaningful to you and your partner and reflect your individual style. There’s no restrictions when it comes to a hand-sketch - it’s purely a blank page with whatever ideas you dream about.  

Why stick with the same old designs seen in every jewellery retailer when there is a world of endless possibilities? Through a hand-sketch you are able to capture the essence of your inspiration. Every Engagement Ring has their own distinct personality to represent your own style. A hand sketch is an integral part about everything you associate with a custom design. You’re creating a truly one-of-a-kind.  

It will detail your choice of metals and many custom details surrounding your Engagement Ring setting (the centre diamond, the choice of metals, high or low profile, how many claws, shape and size of diamond claws, diamond or plain band, diamond halo, hidden halo, diamond bridge, pave or milgrain designs etc). So artists can create a blueprint around your inspiration and the hand-sketch will reflect all of these important details.

Visualising the design
The hand-sketch is the first visual representation of a custom Engagement Ring. It’s a great introduction to the design to see the overall form and all of the chosen personal details up close. It allows you to see the ring from all angles when drawn to scale and get a real feel for how the ring will appear in real life. This is such an important step to give your final approval on the design before it starts to be crafted from precious metals and set with your chosen Diamond(s)

When having meetings and discussions with a jewellery design consultant, they will gather insights about your style and any special details you wish to incorporate into the Engagement Ring design and then translate this brief to an artist. The final concept sketch is reassurance to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding the direction of the design. It’s a collaborative effort - and this is the ideal way to make sure the design is looking just as you had hoped it would.

Nobody should be expected to trust blindly with something as important as the design of your Engagement Ring. A hand sketch enables you to clearly envision the ring and confirm that it matches your initial ideas and expectations. Seeing a visual representation of the ring through a hand-sketch allows you to make any slight adjustments or minor revisions before it’s too late.

Every custom design at JANAI is accompanied with a hand-sketch detailing four angles of the Engagement Ring. The sketch captures the ring view from above, a side profile, the side band and a 45 degree angle view. The 45 degree wearer’s perspective is the most important angle that is illustrated - as this will be what is seen on the hand every single day. So this is the view you must fall in love with. Seeing four angles clearly shows you what to expect and the proportions and beauty of the Engagement Ring in preparation for the final result.

Serves our craftsman as a plan to create the ring
You wouldn’t build a house without a floor plan - and our craftsman certainly wouldn’t begin creating such an intricate piece of jewellery without a plan. Beyond the romance of hand-sketching a design as a visual tool to envision the ring, it also serves a practical purpose for our team. The sketch is drawn to the exact measurements of the centre diamond and the finger size to represent accurately four angles of the Engagement Ring.

This means there is no guesswork involved. Nothing is left to chance as there is a clear blueprint to follow. The hand sketch is drawn to precise measurements, proportions and with structural considerations in mind. To make sure it is not only beautiful but also practical to enclose the diamond securely and support everyday wear. 

Our experts will make refinements to ensure your Engagement Ring is well structured with integrity. Giving it the beauty and strength it deserves. Fine tune the design until it perfectly captures your vision The beauty of a well thought-out design is that the final result will always maintain a higher quality. 

Makes part of a beautiful memory & keepsake

There is a deep personal connection when creating an Engagement Ring that serves a part of the beautiful memory associated with your proposal. There’s no mistaking the charm about the romance behind crafting the design for your loved one. 

Many of our clients add their hand sketch with the memories of when they pop the question, adding the sketch to their wedding album or even framing the design to have a place of its own.  It creates a memory our clients can look back fondly on and their partner can appreciate the effort and love behind the creation. It also serves as an interesting backstory to share with friends and family about your proposal and the story behind your ring. 


Without a hand sketch is like going in blind - where crafting an Engagement Ring should be a deliberate and well thought out process. This is why it's such an essential part of this plan in translating your engagement ring design. Each hand-sketch takes our artists three and a half hours to produce. An artform that is not only crucial in the creation of the ring, it’s also the essence of romance!  

There are many more reasons as to why every Engagement Ring deserves a hand-sketch. The best way to uncover it is to see for yourself.  Every valued customer at JANAI will receive a hand-sketch of their Engagement Ring. Their ring design is named after them and they will be given a sketch that they can cherish forever. A hand sketch is a vital part of the Engagement Ring idea that is awaiting to be brought to life into an exquisite reality.

We are fortunate enough to have a highly skilled team of sketch artists who pour passion into every detail of their work. It is a part of our offering and a unique service that is difficult to find anywhere else. 

What happens when your vision comes together with diamonds at JANAI? A breath-taking Engagement Ring in Melbourne. Fill out the form below to begin creating your own today!

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