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5 (Important) Things Our Clients Wish They Knew Before Buying an Engagement Ring

When it comes to buying your Engagement Ring, the process can be quite an eye-opening experience. From choosing your Diamond to discovering how your ring is crafted, there are many questions to be asked and decisions to be made. Who better to ask for guidance than those who have been through it before? We checked in with our past clients to share their insights and to reveal what they learned throughout the custom design journey.

Here are 5 Important Things Our Clients Wish They Knew Before Buying an Engagement Ring.

1. Settings and Diamonds are chosen Separately
“I didn’t expect I would be choosing the centre Diamond separately from the ring. I assumed I would just pick the entire ring together. Instead, during my appointment I gave my consultant the wishlist of what I was looking for and they showed me several options for loose diamonds. After I selected the stone I wanted, they then brought a tray of sample ring settings based on my vision for the Engagement Ring”  
Custom Engagement Rings are created in two parts, Loose Diamonds and then 18ct Gold Settings. There are several reasons for this. The first is so you have endless options around the centre Diamond based on your budget and preferences towards clarity, colour, carat, cut and quality grading. The second reason is so the style of the 18ct Gold setting can be tailored exactly to the measurements of your finger and married perfectly to your choice of centre Diamond. Each diamond has its own unique size and proportions that are masterfully set by our skilled team at Janai. After you hand-pick your diamond, the sample settings will allow you to visualise the concept of how the ring will look before it's brought to life.  

2. The Importance of Budget
“Setting a budget prior to purchase makes the whole process so much simpler! Knowing exactly how much you’re willing to spend means all the decisions surrounding the Diamond are much easier to make. Becoming firm on this number also removes any anxiety about overextending yourself financially. It definitely takes the stress out of the experience knowing the balance is available on the credit card or money is saved up and put aside”
Your Engagement Ring will be designed with your budget in mind. Our diamond consultants will provide the best options to choose from within this price-range. You don’t have to spend three months salary on a ring. Your spending is a personal decision. Think about your lifestyle and unique financial circumstances instead of following any rules. Feel free to spend as little or as much as you like on your Ring! Planning your finances before the appointment allows you to comfortably place a deposit and secure your dream diamond during your consultation. Whether that is saving, financing your purchase through a credit card or a loan or getting assistance from your family - whatever works for you. That way when you choose your dream ring you won’t risk waiting extra time or losing out on your ideal diamond.

3. Your Initial Vision may have Subtle Changes 
“My design evolved throughout the consultation. I knew exactly what I wanted. I came in looking for a simple White Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring and quickly realised there were still many variations for this! 4 claws, 6 claws, cathedral settings, hidden halos, additional stones. I only decided on all of these smaller details as my design evolved.” 
Your design concept will change slightly as you add smaller personal touches to the ring and that’s okay! Fundamentally the ring should be a timeless piece you want to wear time and time again. Maybe you feel during the consultation you want to go slightly larger or smaller with the diamond when it's placed on your finger or you get inspired to add extra details or diamonds in the setting. The most important thing is to find a beautiful design that you love that matches your taste and suits your lifestyle. Our friendly team can then guide you through all of the smaller intricacies as you bring your unique vision to life.

4. The Process of Custom-designing a Ring can Take Time
”Before my appointment I imagined my Ring would be ready on the spot. But it makes sense due to all the different elements and how many details go into creating the ring”
Depending on the design you choose the time of the process can greatly vary. More simple designs chosen with diamonds within the boutique can be made more quickly, whereas sourcing stones and more elaborate designs require more time. An average Engagement Ring takes 4-6 weeks. If your Diamond criteria is very rigid and specific we may also require additional time to source your diamond. As soon as the design sketches are approved by you, our skilled jewellers can get straight to work on bringing your design to life. To custom design and tailor each element of the ring to your specifications is a meticulous process. So please be patient and rest assured that each ring commissioned is precisely crafted and each diamond hand-set by our team. Allow a little time before your planned proposal. Alternatively for those clients not wishing to wait for a custom-design, we offer a fine selection of finished rings available in-store.
5. Diamond prices vary, A LOT
“I learned there are so many factors that affect the value of a diamond. The price difference can be astonishing. Diamonds that looked quite similar to the eye could vary thousands of dollars. I was shocked when I first discovered this.” 
Diamond pricing is based upon a multitude of factors. Factors such as whether the diamond is lab-grown or natural, the 4C’s evaluation, the country of origins, fluorescence and any enhancements/treatments. The price will be reflective upon these differences. The Diamonds that possess more exceptional qualities will invariably be more expensive. Flawless Diamonds, Higher grade Colour & Cuts, stones that require more labour (Hearts & Arrows Cut Diamonds) and the purest Diamonds will command the highest prices. Our consultants can educate you on these characteristics and explain to you the industry gradings behind certified diamonds.

Inspired to get started with your Engagement Ring Design?
Our team is here to assist with any questions you may have. We are here to make the consultation as simple as possible and ensure your Diamond Ring turns out exactly how you dreamed of! Let our diamond experts guide you along the custom design process with your vision. Just remember you will be involved with the process along the entire way to determine the perfect ring for you! If you have any questions regarding the process of creating your Engagement Ring please contact us.

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    Considering buying an engagement ring? Learn from the experiences of others with these five important insights shared by clients. When you’re ready to find a ring that embodies your love story, explore the timeless collection at Mens Rings Australia for elegant and enduring options.

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