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What is Diamond Fluorescence?

What is Diamond Fluorescence?

Diamond fluorescence relates to the intensity of a coloured glow that reveals itself when a diamond is exposed to UV light. Around 25-35% of White Diamonds exhibit this glow under UV/Black lighting conditions. The luminescence and subtle change in colour (generally a blue tone) is the result of trace amounts of elements such as nitrogen, boron, or aluminum within the diamond. This naturally occurs as the carbon was crystalising and forming within the earth billions of years ago. Fluorescence in a diamond can reveal itself as predominantly blue, but can also appear as yellow, green or orange glow.

Diamond Fluorescence is described and disclosed within all GIA certificates. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grades the variances and intensity in levels that the diamond glows along the scale of None, Faint, Medium, Strong and Very Strong. The descriptions refer to:

None, Nil, Negligible - No fluorescence was present within the diamond and colour not affected. No blue glow is emitted under exposure to UV light.

Faint, Slight - Weak fluorescence is present within the diamond and colour not affected

Medium - Moderate presence of fluorescence within the diamond and minor impression of colour upon the diamond. A light blue flow is emitted by the diamond under UV light.

Strong, Very Strong - Strong presence of fluorescence within the diamond and a drastic impact of colour upon the diamond. A deep blue glow is emitted by the diamond under UV light.

GIA has observed that blue fluorescence has little or no impact on transparency of a diamond. It was often believed that a high fluorescence within the stone may cause the diamond to have a hazy/cloudy or oily appearance. It was also revealed in their studies that fluorescence has no effect on the integrity and strength of a diamond, as well as its visual appearance of sparkle. Fluorescence has no relation to a milky, hazy or oily appearance in the diamond. A hazy diamond is due to internal markings and inclusions and the purity of the stone.

It is a matter of preference whether fluorescence within a White Diamond is a desirable trait. Certain clients find it fascinating and that it slightly improves the colour of the stone in sunlight, or the uniqueness of the glow, others prefer diamonds without it.

For Diamonds graded I to M colours, this can be a desirable characteristic to cancel out the faint yellow colour of the diamond, and make it appear more colourless in UV lights. This enhances a diamond's appearance as the contrasting colour (blue) neutralises the yellow and can compliment the colour of a white diamond.

This glow/fluorescence can be revealed within a diamond when it is exposed to long-wave ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. But mostly it will only be seen under black light (UV). Fluorescence is very subtle in direct sunlight as the cut and sparkle of a diamond will draw most attention.

Blue and yellow fluorescence is beautiful proof that a diamond is natural as these colours are presented in mined diamonds. A Diamond with strong fluorescence will be more competitively priced and allow for a larger stone within your budget.

During your appointment at Janai Melbourne our diamond specialists will guide you through which stone is right for you. Consider viewing diamonds under different lighting to see your preference and if you notice a subtle difference within the stone. Our friendly consultants can explain everything you need to consider when purchasing a diamond. Guiding you when bringing your custom-design Engagement Ring to life.

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