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Why Hearts and Arrows diamonds are absolutely worth it

Delving into the endless range of Diamonds there is one type of cut that stops every client in their tracks: The Hearts and Arrows Diamond Cut. A term coined to refer to the iconic patterning within the stone, they carry a certain symmetry and precision that other diamonds simply cannot match. Hearts and Arrows diamonds provoke much intrigue - clients cannot help but lose themselves in their fascinating pattern and mesmorising sparkle. 

Hearts and Arrows diamonds are both sweet, romantic as well as exacting and precise. They inspire countless clients to select them to craft gorgeous into their Engagement Rings. You may have never heard of them before, or are curious to know about what’s all the hype.

In this article we uncover why these diamonds stand out among the rest and why they’re truly worth the investment.

Where Hearts and Arrows Diamonds started:
Originating in the 1980's Japanese Diamond cutters perfected the proportions for an ideal Hearts and Arrows Cut. Derived from the dimensions and angles of Marcel Tolkowsky more than half a century before, they developed a cut that features an 57 exacting facets that was ready to release to the broader market. The Hearts and Arrows contrast is the outcome of a beautiful experiment, crafting slightly differing proportions to the traditional Brilliant Cut Diamond with almost improbable facet symmetry. These variations produced ideal optical symmetry, polish and a distinctive Hearts and Arrows pattern.

What Hearts and Arrows Diamonds looks like: 
Unlike any other diamond, the Hearts and Arrows cut convey a distinct pattern -  Eight contrasting Arrows on the crown of the diamond and Eight contrasting Hearts from below. This captivating pattern is visible to the naked eye whether the Hearts and Arrows Diamond is loose or set within an Engagement Ring.

When observing from above, it appears as a captivating star-like Arrows pattern that radiates from the centre of the stone. The Eight arrows exhibit themselves as a stark and mesmerising contrast and this striking arrow pattern draws in the eye of the wearer. It showcases the precise faceting of the cut and the painstaking symmetry that each Hearts and Arrows Diamond possesses. To view the pattern more explicitly, the diamond is placed within a hearts and arrows scope. When placed inside it exposes itself as a vivid red, white and black kaleidoscopic pattern.

The most defining feature of a Hearts and Arrows diamond is their exceptional brightness and sparkle. They offer unparalleled light performance, brilliance, fire and scintillation. The result of their meticulous craftsmanship produces exceptionally white diamonds. A Hearts and Arrows diamond will also appear larger because of their superior light return.

Another discerning factor is the slight differences in the measurements of Hearts and Arrows Diamonds. So you may notice a subtle variation in shape. With Round Cut diamonds, their facets are wider and larger than the norm - And with the Oval, Cushion and Radiant cut varieties, the angles and ratios may appear a little unusual. With a smaller table and wider faceting arrangement, these slight yet impactful adjustments become a part of creating the whitest and brightest diamonds available.   

How its made:
There’s ideal proportions, then there’s Hearts and Arrows Diamonds. To produce the faceting patterns that Hearts and Arrows are renowned for, it involves crafting each of the 57 facets in a methodical fashion. The level of precision required to create these diamonds is eye-watering to the average person. Diamond cutters use microscopes viewing up to 100x magnification when cutting and polishing the stone and demand specialisted tools to craft the stone. A Hearts and Arrows diamond is also far more time consuming to cut and polish. It takes around 3-4 times longer than average to produce.  The angles created are responsible for reflecting all the light from the lower pavilions of the diamond to brightly sparkle from the crown.

Not only are they complex and time-consuming to craft, they also take a larger diamond rough to create. All in the name of creating the ideal balance and symmetry, hearts and arrows diamonds require a high skill and are very labour intensive to produce.  

Why it's absolutely worth it
While there are plenty of sensational diamonds out there, Hearts and Arrows Diamonds are well worth the investment. Making up less than 1% of the world’s entire diamond supply, clients can boast that their diamond took three to four times longer than the average to produce. Not only do they reveal their distinctive pattern, but their superior brilliance offers an unrivalled light performance and sparkle. Hearts and Arrows Diamonds really embody the rarity and beauty that is so cherished for Engagement Rings.

Their comparatively lengthy crafting process means the owners enjoy the title of the ultimate in precision and craftsmanship for their diamond. Offering a bold and contrasting pattern or arrows each time you glance down at your finger, their faceting pattern will forever captivate.

Hearts and Arrows Diamonds hold a unique place in the realm of Engagement Rings. They embody a commitment to precision and excellence in craftsmanship. Hearts and Arrows are the pinnacle of quality in the diamond world with their dedication to perfection.

Finding a diamond for your engagement ring is a beautiful experience and whilst there are many diamond options out there, Hearts and Arrows is a cut above the rest. Making them a timeless investment in love and an ideal choice for an Engagement Ring that will outshine all others. 

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