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10 Hearts & Arrows

10 Hearts & 10 Arrows, 111 Facets

A masterpiece that features the highest degree of optical symmetry. The Hearts and Arrows Cut. These rare and exquisite diamonds display a distinct pattern of 10 arrows when viewed from above, and 10 hearts when viewed from below.

Typically a Round Brilliant Diamond will be cut with 57 facets, a 10 Hearts & 10 Arrows displays an astonishing 111 Facets. This unbelievable feat of craftsmanship doubles the fire, brightness and scintillation of the Diamond for unrivaled light performance.  This breakthrough technique in cutting causes all the light to reflect upward through the crown of the diamond to achieve a remarkable sparkle. 

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Master Cutters achieve this exacting process of lining up every of the 111 Facets with precise symmetry so light can illuminate from the centre to the 10 sides of the Diamond. Each hand-polished facet resulting in craftsmanship and cutting at its finest. 

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