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Why buy from JAA member jeweller ?

Why buy from JAA member jeweller

Janai are proud members of JAA (Jewellers Association of Australia).

Developed in 1931 for the Australian Jewellery Industry, JAA was created to protect the interests of jewellers and consumers by maintaining a fair and ethical market from manufacturing, wholesaling, distribution and retail. The JAA established themselves to advocate transparency and consumer confidence and to be the united voice of the Australian Jewellery Industry. Each JAA member has agreed to the JAA Jewellery Industry Code of Conduct which maintains the quality, workmanship of customer service.

This Code of Conduct from Member Companies and Code Signatories establishes the integrity of operations within their business. In an industry which was previously largely unregulated, the Code of Conduct promotes transparent and ethical practices within the jewellery industry. JAA member companies include independent retailers, chain retailers, manufacturers, suppliers and service providers.

The association exists to ensure the integrity, credibility and ethical standards of the industry. Each JAA member agrees to abstain from misleading or deceiving customers, to provide full disclosure of the quality, characteristics and origin (if known) of any merchandise, honour all guarantees and warranties represented, aim efforts toward sustainable practices and avoid working with companies/mines associated with slave labour/child labour/war zone areas. 

To discover if your jeweller is a member JAA (Jewellers Asssociation of Australia)
- Look for a ‘JAA Member Logo’ displayed on their door, front window or website. 
- Look for the ‘JAA Member’ certificate displayed in the store. 
- Customers can find JAA Members by searching the Member Directory at

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JAA (Jewellers Asssociation of Australia) advocates buying locally from Australian businesses. There are numerous benefits to buying locally in a physical store. JAA Members provides the trust and accountability and an unrivaled level of service that comes with an in-person shopping experience. Customers can be assured about a standard of quality and after sales service. Consumers purchasing from Australia are also protected under the Australian Consumer law, so in addition to fair trading and business practices there are also regulations in regards to work health and safety and employment.

Advances in technology allowing for diamond/gemstones enhancements means transparency is imperative for customers to not feel duped or deceived and also for jewellers to maintain their reputations. Disclosure to clients is more important than ever to make a fully informed decision.  Alleviating concerns with customers by being straight-forward with regards to descriptions and origins in regard to colour and clarity of stones means appropriate information is provided for a confident purchase.
Relevant grading reports from reputable Diamond Labs such as GIA, GCAL, IGI will be provided to consumers who purchase Diamonds over 1ct weight. These certificates will disclose information to the client regarding carat, cut, clarity, colour alongside measurements and proportions, laser inscription number, fluorescence as well as additional grading information such as colour/clarity treatments or enhancements.

The JAA (Jewellers Association of Australia) committee is responsible for monitoring and reporting on compliance with the Code and addressing complaints regarding breaches of the Code. The committee will recommend remedial action for non-compliance with the Code of Conduct.

JAA advocate buying jewellery locally from Australian jewellers. Providing peace of mind and confidence that your jeweller has agreed to a Code of Conduct in regards to quality, transparency and customer service. Local jewellers are also focused on building long-term relationships with clients and maintaining a good reputation within the city/community. For expert advice in-person opportunity to view Diamonds, precious stones, settings for a real life comparison and education JAA recommends an in-store experience.

At Janai we aspire to cultivate the ultimate shopping experience. Choosing an Engagement Ring and Wedding bands together as a couple is a treasured moment of the engagement and wedding process. Our Diamond specialists focus on educating customers to produce dream Engagement Rings. With a focus on educating our customers our team will discuss design customisation of every detail of the ring, and provide certification of authenticity from only accredited forensic laboratories. 

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